3d ceramic surfaces

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Give body to bathroom walls with colours, ever-popular white and the stone look

The interior design world is still very focused on the new 2020 trends for ceramics and stoneware: the two trends coming out on top are 3D tiles and tiles with material looks. As we will see, 3D and material-look are two versatile finishes that may also be combined in the same collection, for twice the decorative effect.
In this article we will concentrate on material looks and the 3D surfaces for bathroom wall tiles, but you can also use the solutions we suggest in the kitchen, living-room and bedroom.


Colours for 3D surfaces bathroom wall tiles
An excellent place to start when selecting 3D tiles for bathroom walls is the choice of colour; you may opt for warm or cool matt shades, such as those in the Ragno Resina slimline thickness wall tile collection: Avorio, Rosa and Terracotta on the one hand, and Bianco, Grigio and Ardesia on the other, in a single large 40×120 cm size.

Resina also features an original texture with slightly twisted “pin-stripes”: the result is a surface full of vigour, irregular and different in every point. What’s more, the collection’s second three-dimensional idea is a geometric pattern of intersecting hexagons – just like the cells of a honeycomb. The perimeters of the hexagons consist of slightly raised lines that stand out a little from the surface of the tile, giving balance to the wall’s overall design.

Volumes for 3D surfaces bathroom tiles
If you like colours, you will also love the Tempera ceramic wall tile collection, with just one 30×90 cm size and 6 colours to choose from: Bianco, Crema, Antracite, Fango, Blu and Verde.

For use on bathroom walls, the Tempera 3D tiles come in 2 versions. The first is a pattern of hexagons with faceted surfaces, on which contrasts of light and shade, underlined by the tiles’ matt texture, are created. The second features three-dimensional stripes.

All-white for 3D surfaces bathroom wall tiles
Looking for a total white 3D bathroom wall covering? In the Off ceramic wall tile collection by Ragno, the 30×90 cm tiles are all in white, both satiny and glossy. This makes the tactile consistencies of the 3D tiles, available both with diamond faceting and with three-dimensional stripes, and the sharp chiaroscuro patterns they create with the light, the dominant features of the walls.

3D stone-effect stoneware for bathroom wall coverings
Do you prefer a material effect to pure colour for your bathroom walls?

In the Ragno catalogue you have only to choose which material-effect tiles you like best: there are dozens for bathroom wall coverings, including in 3D.

One possible option is the three-dimensional hexagon mosaics of the Realstone Lunar stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection. The 3D tiles in the Realstone Lunar collection are hexagons of 29×33.5 cm incorporating trapezoids in staggered planes. Ragno offers them in 5 timeless colours: White, Silver and Deep Grey, Beige and Uniform.

Another idea is the 3Dmosaic of the Realstone Navigli stone-look porcelain stoneware collection.

Also perfect for bathroom walls, the Realstone Navigli three-dimensional mosaic alternates flat square chips with chips with a concave angle – which seem to wedge themselves into the wall – in the form of 30×30 cm tiles in 2 elegant shades of grey.