The aesthetic evolution of concrete-effect stoneware in the new Stratford collection

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The Stratford collection has a new, compact and tactile aesthetic that simulates the appearance of soft concrete with slight inclusions and offers a material in keeping with the original versions.

Stratford, the new Ragno porcelain stoneware collection, revives and reinterprets concrete surfaces in a contemporary, versatile and highly original product.

The concrete effect is masterfully expressed in a sophisticated evolution of materials and graphic elements. The inspiration comes from products made from a mix of castings with different mixtures and grits. Each surface has a soft, textured appearance with subtle matt inclusions for added depth and richness in a product characterised by bold, realistic nuances that is more contemporary and versatile than ever.

The collection’s strengths lie in both its technological and aesthetic features. On the one hand, the aesthetic strength of a collection with a wealth of colour options and decorative elements in line with the latest interior trends. 

The colour range, consisting of 8 different shades, is fresh and balanced between monochrome hues of blue, green and red juxtaposed with neutral tones of grey and beige; the graphic designs of the hexagon size and the botanical and oriental-inspired patterns with foliage, 3D structures and mosaics immerse you in an exclusive living atmosphere.

Moreover, the innovative technologies recently developed by the company enhance Stratford’s performance and tactile appeal. The series is produced with the unique StepWise technology, which guarantees high slip resistance, while maintaining a soft-touch surface that has no surface roughness and is therefore easy to clean. Thanks to BodyPlus technology, the sophisticated colours in the collection run through the entire thickness of the surface, increasing the technical performance of the porcelain stoneware.  Finally, the 3D structures have been created using Sublime Sync technology, thanks to which the design perfectly integrates with the material texture, achieving an unprecedented depth and precision on both natural and structured surfaces.

There are seven sizes to choose from for indoor and outdoor use on both floors and walls: 120×120 and 60×120 cm in a 6 mm thickness and 75×150, 75×75, 60×60 and 30×60 cm in a 10 mm thickness. The collection is completed by the 21×18.2 cm hexagon shape – ideal as a decorative plain tile – and the extra-thick 20 mm Outdoor XT version in the 60×120 cm size, ideal for outdoor flooring.

The new Stratford collection perfectly blends with other collections for a harmonious solution that can characterise and personalise private living spaces and commercial locations.