BodyPlus technology adds textural intensity and colors found in the depths of the ceramic substrate

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A new production approach enriches the surface with texture thanks to the pressing of naturally colored blends with different particle sizes.

Superior technical and aesthetic performances characterise the porcelain stoneware of Ragno Ceramiche which increasingly prioritises quality, following the evolution of a process in which every detail is refined on the basis of strict and selective production criteria.

If ceramics are essentially a mix of clays and raw materials pressed and fired at high temperatures to make the substrate resistant and rigid, what better evolution than the current technological development aimed at improving the composition and consistency of these blends? BodyPlus is the evolution of research into raw materials that changes the consistency of body mixes to make the composition of porcelain stoneware more uniform, also when made mainly with digital technology, guaranteeing the naturalness and maximum quality of the product.

A high-tech surface with an extremely natural appearance that includes amalgamated through-body chips of different materials deep down in the ceramic body mix.

BodyPlus stoneware tiles are produced by pressing mixtures of naturally colored raw materials with the inclusion of micro-pebbles, grits and chips that match the color and structure of the product’s surface.

In this way the textures are richer in terms of their tactility and thickness thanks to the inclusion of matching pigments and different blends which make it possible to create a material perfectly in harmony with the surface, able to bring out its aesthetic quality by giving it better and more intense colors.

The use of deeply colored and select blends in terms of particle size restores the textural continuity between the body mix, the surface and the edge, guaranteeing superior durability and resistance.

BodyPlus technology makes it possible to create more precise and realistic material effects, faithfully reproducing textures and streaked veins to make the ceramic practically indistinguishable from the original material from which it takes its inspiration.

This innovative production solution has been applied to the Stratford collection with textured inserts added to the blends to give greater depth and detail to concrete-effect surfaces with a compact and tactile appearance.

The research into pieces which use different assembly techniques and grits has resulted in an extremely original collection that evolves while keeping faith with the inspiration material, enhancing it with fresh accents of color. Thanks to BodyPlus technology, sophisticated colors run right through the depth of the surface, further augmenting its technical performance.
Stratford has a slightly uneven, matt texture, with a timeworn beauty that is ideal for covering contemporary spaces with a meticulous design in natural shades; a design in which imperfection becomes an integral part of an intense beauty made up of little details and light textural additions, restoring a variability and depth that adds unexpected and authentic value to furnish fluid and welcoming spaces.