Boom. The new concrete effect tile by Ragno

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Neutral hues and indoor & outdoor surfaces, for a contemporary yet traditional mood.

Why is concrete finish so popular in interior and exterior design?
Because concrete refers to contemporary yet rustic atmosphere, it gives freedom in the design thanks to its neutral hues, it adds value to interiors with new interesting textures.

Boom is the new concrete effect tile by Ragno, which adds a new option to the already broad range of concrete effect solutions by the Italian brand.
Boom is the mixture between industrial concrete with the natural hues of terracotta and stone, thanks to a mix of different powders in the same material. The result is a unique effect that refers to the most contemporary industrial moods, while at the same time evoking warmer rustic environments.
Some inspirations? For a metropolitan and industrial feel, Boom is the perfect background for recycled furnishings in vintage taste, maybe in raw wood or aged metal. Boom may also be the combined in a minimalist and linear interior decor adding a warmer touch and a new layer of texture.

Boom can be used both on floors and as wall cladding, also outdoor in its structured-surface version. It is the good solution for bathrooms and kitchens, but can also be used in living rooms and other interior spaces, giving continuity to the floorings over different rooms.

Boom is available in five colours: the concrete effect ranges from the warmer to colder neutral hues of Calce, Sabbia, Luce, Acciaio, Piombo. In addition, Boom is available in different formats, from medium size tiles, to square mosaic till the mosaic arrow.
Let’s take inspiration by the picture gallery on some of the options that Boom can give, matching different colours and formats.