Eterna, the antique beauty of stone-effect stoneware, enhanced by modern technology

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The new CleanOut Antibacterial Protection technology, constantly active even though it is invisible, adds a modern characteristic of great current interest to the antique beauty of stone, with the subtle veining and exquisite inclusions of the slabs of the new Eterna collection.

No material could surpass stone in telling the story of human homes, from their origins to the present. Its deepest core, revealed on the surface by veining and exquisite multi-material, multicoloured inclusions, embodies the secret of an exclusive power: that of the sedimentation, layer by layer, of a unique material, the source of ancestral qualities of strength and beauty.

So what better name for the new Ragno stone-look collection than Eterna? Available in multiple porcelain stoneware sizes with easily combined shapes and dimensions (30×60, 60×60 and 60×120), the line utilises three colour shades with an even, uniform texture – Arena, Blanco and Greige – to bring up to date a classic look that we have always associated with our living-spaces, since time out of mind.

These three shades are accompanied by Mix variants – available in Beige, Gris and Multicolor – incorporating marble inserts in different shades, for a decorative effect on the cusp of classical and modern.

The collection is further enriched by the 30×90 cm ceramic wall tile in the three uniform colors together with a number of textural decors and variations: the Quadro structure, the History pattern in vintage style and the mosaics, available in the collection's three main colour shades.

The Eterna collection transports us in spirit to a calm, sunny Mediterranean, in a place where sky, sea and land seem to find multiple points of contact and, aided by the mild temperatures, the inside and outside of the home coexist in perfect continuity. The only indication of the boundary between them may be the light flutter of white curtains, stirred by a pleasant breeze.

However, in Eterna, nature is more than just a source of inspiration. Combined with its ever-present connotations of purity, sustainability and wellbeing, it also emerges, although invisible, in two other ways: in the porcelain stoneware itself, made with 40% recycled material, and in the beneficial action of an efficient, innovative technology Ragno has recently developed.

This technology is called CleanOut Antibacterial Protection and, applied to the heart of the slabs during the production process, it is able to reduce the material’s bacterial load by 99.9%, helping to create residential and commercial locations that are not only pleasant to live in but also healthier, and free from agents potentially harmful to our health.

Although active non-stop, 24 hours a day, the CleanOut antimicrobial treatment does not modify the slabs’ appearance in any way, and is thus able to guarantee excellent hygiene performances over the long term without any visible effect on the design of our living-spaces. Deep down the visual wellbeing generated by the covering of Eterna slabs, completed by attractively combined furnishings and fittings, is accompanied by invisible qualities just as important as those we can feel and see.

What’s more, CleanOut Antibacterial Protection is not Eterna’s only innovative plus factor. The collection also provides outstanding slip resistance performances thanks to the StepWise technology, which is also pleasantly soft to the touch and allows quick, thorough cleaning of the surface.