Exercises in style: 3 ideas to introduce stone-effect stoneware in contemporary interiors

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Colours, finishes and furnishing styles that perfectly dialogue with Ragno’s Realstone_Slate porcelain stoneware

Slate, or Lavagna stone, is one of interior architecture’s most popular types of stone. Originally from the Ligurian coast, it represents one of the most picturesque places in Italy. Ragno’s Realstone_Slate reproduces its colour shades and structure, offering a collection of porcelain stoneware suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas and adaptable to different furnishing styles.
Realstone_Slate identifies and reinterprets all the grey shades of natural slate, from the iron/blackish grey typical of when it is extracted to the ice grey that it gradually assumes as weathering alters its colour. It is a neutral shade that can be used as a background colour to further define the project’s style based on the selection of matching finishes and colours.

A tactile finish (slate), 5 shades of grey, 4 sizes, 2 mosaics (with square or chevron chips): let’s close our eyes and try to imagine three settings in which Realstone_Slate is perfectly suited.

A large living area in rustic style
A large full-height sliding glass door separates the living area from the porch overlooking the garden: it is the only physical separation between indoors and outdoors because Realstone_Slate – in the 75×75 cm size – runs seamlessly from the porch to the entrance, thus extending an interior that is not particularly large and giving you a sensation of being in a single space when the door is fully open. The neutral colour (Shell) gives us the ability to invent any style: sofas covered with soft cushions in colours ranging from light blue to Air Force blue, together with a large table made of honey-coloured raw wood, which warms the atmosphere and contrasts with the ultra-modern style of the high-tech kitchen.

A bright bathroom in Nordic-chic style
This time let’s imagine a large, luxurious bathroom in a design villa nestled in a Scandinavian landscape. Everything is designed to absorb and restore light, including the coverings: Realstone_Slate in Ice grey comes to mind, available in various sizes to differentiate the bathroom areas.
30×60 cm tiles on the floor, a chevron mosaic in the shower to create a sense of movement and a 60×60 cm square size, which makes the room bright and uniform and highlights the furniture. In contrast: black taps and accessories, all with a minimalist, aesthetically light design.

An elegant living room for gentlemen
A warm leather colour covers the furniture’s finishes and fabrics in a playful combination of design pieces and retro furnishings. Two Chesterfield sofas facing each other in the centre of the room, vintage-style lamps and a large dark wood table perfectly define this imagined interior with a slate-effect stoneware floor in the Musk colour, perhaps in the largest Realstone_Slate size (75×150 cm).

As we have seen, the stylistic versatility of this collection is one of its main strengths. We only need to close our eyes again to find ourselves before yet another imagined interior, the final interior, which may well be the house of our dreams.