Geometric inspirations for a nordic style

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How to recreate a Nordic-inspired space with ceramic and stoneware coverings featuring geometric patterned carpets.

Nordic style is characterised by certain distinctive elements: use of natural light and natural materials, as well as functional spaces.

Above all, there is an emphasis on an atmosphere reminiscent of the Hygge philosophy – the pursuit of everyday happiness that lies in little things – where the Scandinavian style is also recreated in the heart of the Mediterranean, starring in our cities. Clean designs and colorful, muted palettes for a Nordic style that characterises every room in the house from the kitchen to the living room, dining room and bathroom.

Nordic style places emphasis on functional spaces: nothing is secondary; rather, everything is designed to make the home efficient and comfortable. Natural light guides all the rooms in the home since it is necessary to maximise the number of hours of sunshine in our homes during the winter months. White dominates the textiles and the main furnishings, combined with natural materials such as larch, ash, oak, walnut and birch.

The accessories are made of reed, cotton fibres and wool combined in pastel tones and with clear volumes and patterns, repeated to form geometrically inspired patterns.

Geometrically patterned stoneware tiles offer a wide range of choices to lend movement and contribute to the hyggelig effect.

You can opt for solid-colored hexagonal tiles in pastel tones for a lively, uniform geometric effect or for those that define minimalist decors such as the tiles from the Stratford collection.

The Stratford porcelain stoneware collection is characterised in particular by the hexagonal Tratto Decor size, available in 8 color variants ranging from rust to grey, powder blue and cream. They can be arranged in sequence for effective optical effect geometries or alternated with plain tiles.

For a contrasting result, carpets from the Contrasti and Replace collections can define a colorful living space.

The Contrasti collection offers a range of variants with decors that form repetitions of small triangular segments and alternating ogives in shades of grey, teal, celadon and beige; the Replace collection features the Equilibrio decor: optical segments that can be repeated on the wall in beige and grey variants.

If, on the other hand, you want to design a more specific space such as a headboard of a bed or boiserie at the entrance with unexpected colors and a highly tactile texture, you should opt for a TexCem ceramic covering with the three-dimensional Tria structure, composed of triangular and square shapes that emerge from the material and enhance its form, creating very striking light/shadow effects. The Tria structure, available in 5 different shades, is suitable for various composition solutions, both full-wall and in bands.

The Resina collection is also ideal for designing rooms with a distinct Nordic style, especially the Bee 3D structure, a honeycomb weave decoration available in 6 color variants.

The geometric decors in the Ragno stoneware and ceramic collections are perfect for designing cosy, minimalist and harmonious rooms in all their elements.