Guide to choosing tiles for a modern kitchen

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Tiles for furnishing a modern kitchen with a clean, essential design

For the kitchen, the furniture selection and choice of tiles should go hand in hand. This applies to the backsplash tiles that protect the wall next to the hob and the sink, as well as to the floor tiles, especially if it is a new or renovated home.

The kitchen is the central room in our homes and probably the room that everyone uses the most. So what sort of floors and walls should a kitchen have?

  • Stain-resistant and resistant to shock, heat, damp and detergents.
  • Quick and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Consistent with the style of the house.

Tiles have all these essential qualities and, from an aesthetic perspective, they are so versatile that they give you maximum freedom to furnish your new modern kitchen. The floor and walls should tastefully match the kitchen furniture. In other words they should accompany your style choice.

We have envisaged 3 modern kitchens – in minimal, Art Deco and industrial styles – and in the following paragraphs we will consider which tiles are perfect for each style. Follow us to get an idea about the tiles for a modern kitchen that are most suited to your favourite style.


Tiles for a minimalist-style kitchen
A modern kitchen is simple and generally monochrome, featuring a plain design and smooth surfaces: this is the description of a minimalist kitchen. But what are the best tiles to use in a minimalist style kitchen?

In a minimalist kitchen, you can create a striking effect by focusing on the contrast between the colours of the furniture and the splashback. For example, by combining light furniture with dark tiles, such as the Realstone Slate slate-effect porcelain stoneware tiles by Ragno available in shades of iron, musk and black.

These intense shades and the stone-effect texture of Realstone Slate, which resembles traditional slate slabs, perfectly enhance your light minimalist kitchen. Meanwhile, you can save the lightest colours in the collection for the floor: ice and shell.

If you have opted for dark furniture, you can cover the backsplash of your minimalist modern kitchen with tiles in lighter shades of Realstone Slate, which are very bright even in mosaic format.


Tiles for an industrial-style kitchen
If you cannot resist the charm of lofts created from former industrial spaces, you can choose an industrial style for the kitchen, creating a modern kitchen that showcases the beauty of different building materials: metal, wood, brick, stone and concrete.

When choosing tiles for your modern kitchen with an industrial style, you can take inspiration from the raw surfaces of the concrete and its bare simplicity. In Ragno’s Boom and Concept collections of concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, you can find solid colours, mosaic and matching decorated tiles.

In addition to greys, the range of Boom and Concept concrete-effect tiles includes other colours to choose from, which are all balanced and timeless: white, black, beiges, greiges and browns.

Tiles for an Art Deco-style kitchen
Sometimes modern taste is simply a reworked version of the past. If, rather than opting for minimalist style, you prefer to take a daring approach with a lively, contemporary look, you can choose combinations of rich colours and decorations that will give your kitchen truly unique inspiration: Art Deco style reinterprets the grits of the early 20th century with a completely new approach. The floor and wall tiles in the Abitare collection are perfect for achieving this effect and are truly one of a kind.

If you opt for a modern, Art Deco-style kitchen, the tiles alone are sufficient furnishings: you can choose from 8 decorative carpets, which can be altered according to your taste. For a modern, unusual effect, combine tiles with motifs and decors with neutral-coloured furnishings to create a pleasant contrast: beiges, browns and wooden furniture are perfect for this purpose.