How to furnish a small narrow bathroom

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Have you ever had to design a small, narrow bathroom?

We’ve all had to deal with the problems of managing restricted spaces: whether a guest washroom, a small en-suite bathroom, or the main bathroom in a small apartment. Here are some suggestions for designing a small, narrow bathroom in a modern style.



The sanitary fixtures in a small bathroom must be positioned to optimise usability and hygiene: the tub and shower cabinet should be installed along the short side, with the sanitary fixtures, washbasin, cabinets and other furnishings along the long side.

The best solution is to use small, sleek wall units, to ensure a passage of 60 cm or so and enough space to move comfortably. Take care not to create dead ends which can’t be used: every inch of space is important, you just need to use the right tricks to make the bathroom seem larger.



Using bold colours, with textured, shiny surfaces, is an excellent way to furnish restricted spaces. Green, blue and pink pastels are a fashionable choice, combined with more neutral tones like greige; as for the floor and shower cabinet, try using decorative carpets and contrasting textures as a backdrop. The sanitary fixtures can also be colourful, either matching or contrasting with the walls.