The key features for furnishing a modern kitchen

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Types, styles and coverings need careful calculation: a short guide to furnishing the modern kitchen, the real heart of the home.

The kitchen is once again the focal point of the interior design scheme of the contemporary home.
The kitchen has undergone radical transformation due to the changes in the time we spend in our homes and how we use them. But what do we expect from the design of a modern kitchen today?


The modern kitchen as a place for spending time together

We spend time and care choosing the right design, the covering materials, the finishes and the appliances, to make sure the kitchen is truly the heart of the home.
The kitchen area is not just the working interior used for preparing meals, but also a place for sharing, where we spend time with our family and friends.

Choosing the type of kitchen

When furnishing a modern kitchen, choices should be made starting from the room’s shape and the way it will be used:

  • the linear kitchen

Perfect for a rectangular room, usually separate from the dining area. If there is sufficient space, a small breakfast table can be added.

  • the L-shaped kitchen

The workspace is larger and more complex. For open plan spaces that lead into the living room, the short side of the L can be used to create a snack peninsula, with raised or stepped tops.

  • the parallel kitchen

A large island facing towards the living room to maximise the space for socialisation during meal preparation, or two parallel worktops if space is more limited. Take care to leave enough room between the two blocks to allow appliances to be opened.

  • the U-shaped kitchen

For installation in rooms where the short side is at least 2.4 m long, this is a real working environment.  Ideal for large spaces, it can open directly onto the living area or may be placed behind glass screens.