The Look collection and unexpected perfection of imperfect details

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The brick tiles in the new Look collection feature a soft, bright palette and recall the ceramic craftsmanship tradition.

They say perfection is not of this world. But what if imperfection itself is perfect? New interior design materials are increasingly inspired by imaginative small, imperfect details: it is precisely these details, seemingly beyond the control of the narrow scope of a precise project, which can become the basis of a product’s appeal and identity.

Ceramic, which has always been linked to craftsmanship and originated in an area where resources can be locally sourced, is a traditional material for architecture that can embrace flaws as style details, transforming them into a precious, long-lasting value.

Ragno has accepted the challenge of turning perfect imperfection into modern, stimulating inspiration and, with Look, it has translated a porcelain stoneware collection for floor and wall coverings into a new 6×24 cm size, perfect for application in residential and retail locations that require stylistic features based on the concepts of origin, tactile appeal and uniqueness.

The newtiles ’ many aesthetic and applicative features are the result of the sometimes unexpected overlapping and intersection of some of their specific characteristics: the surface is so glossy that it seems almost soft and fluid to the touch, while the glaze simulates manual workmanship through its discontinuous presence on perfectly straight edges, its colour variation and the thickness of the vitreous surface component, which creates bold and iridescent visual effects.

Look is available in seven colour variants, all with a glossy finish: three neutral – Bianco, Beige and Nero – and four accent colours – Avio, Blu, Ocra and Oliva. The latter, by evoking warm, slightly vintage atmospheres, perfectly dialogue with the patterns of rich, thick fabrics and the iridescent shades of the most precious metals, while also pairing well with wood and other materials with a raw modern character.

Look is one of the six Ragno collections in the new Storie line, a collection of small-size tiles with an artisan aesthetic, a contemporary tribute to the history of ceramic and decoration.