The Mediterranean colours of the Patina collection for a small bistrot in Taormina

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In the heart of Taormina’s historic centre, the Mediterranean atmosphere of the ‘Bistrot du monde’ restaurant is revitalised with stoneware tiles from the Patina collection

The ‘Bistrot du monde’ restaurant is located in Taormina, in the pedestrian area of the town centre of Greek-Roman origin, a 19th-century Grand Tour destination and treasure trove of millennia of Mediterranean history.
The young Musumeci firm developed the project in collaboration with architects Talarico and Taddei. 60 square metres in the heart of historic Taormina where the owners offer a menu featuring the best of Sicilian tradition with international touches.

Everything is cosy and fresh, conveying an informal atmosphere.
The furnishings are well-proportioned, comfortable and colourful. The small square tables are custom-made in steel with a matt black finish and the tops are made of wood and cream and caramel two-tone ceramic with the typical colours of terraces in Sicilian farmhouses.

The walls are light-coloured in sharp contrast to the floor with its liqueur-like palette.
Patina porcelain stoneware in the Marsala colour was chosen for the floor covering. The two sizes used – 30×60 cm and 75×150 cm – are specially cut to create dynamic ‘tone on tone’ geometric patterns. It is a delicate reworking of a ceramic surface with a waxed appearance reminiscent of terracotta transformed over the years by time. The noticeable differences in the surface appearance are inspired by craftsmanship, evoking the Italian manufacturing tradition.
The counter that separates the kitchen from the main rooms is also covered with Patina, creating a chromatic continuum between horizontal and vertical planes.

The material theme of the floor is linked to the service wall: here the wines are displayed on an open terracotta bottle rack that characterises the space with sun screen-effect slats at different angles. The Patina porcelain stoneware floor tiles in the Marsala colour and the vertical terracotta-coloured backgrounds create an informal conversation, just like that of the diners in the restaurant sitting on the retro grey fabric armchairs.

The room’s colour palette is completed by decorative lighting in shades of blue, green and mustard, and yellow-paste HDF storage cabinets.
The project’s colour range immerses you in the atmosphere of the Mediterranean, featuring colours of wine, sun, barren land and typical Sicilian terraces.


Ph Daniele Domenicali and Giulio Greco