Mixed and its creative dialogues

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Superbly elegant ornamental style revived in a collection of ultra-modern ceramic coverings, offered in combination with marble effect surfaces with soft, satined, plasterwork type finishes.

Contemporary style that is far-reaching and timeless due to its ability to evolve in the colors, shades and textures of a brand new Ragno covering: Mixed. The challenge for this new collection was to combine surfaces interpreting diverse expressive codes united by a succession of tonal vibrations to form a coherent ensemble.

The purity of marble meets the irresistible charm of a unique plaster effect and is energized by an artistic touch in a perfectly apportioned mix’n’match for wall coverings in residential and commercial spaces with compositional solutions of exclusive appeal.

Mixed is a 6 mm thick ultralight white body ceramic surface that sparkles with light, purity of color and precision of detail, inspired by the world of nature.

The fruit of a creative exploration of art and technology, Mixed coverings blend pastel-toned botanical designs with three-dimensional structures that alternate in linear vibrations or stylized decors to form new extremely sensory and incredibly sophisticated creative languages.

Five concrete-based colors – Bianco, Grigio, Rosa, Greige, Verde – and six marble-based colorsStatuario Venato, Calacatta Nobile, Bardiglio, Breccia Pernice, Breccia Aurora, Verde Antigua – all available in the 40×120 cm size, are offered with the Ibisco and Damasco floral decors in the 80×120 cm large size, and Fiore di Pesco, Tropico and Glam decors in the 40×120 cm size, to create vertical surfaces with chic and trendy wallpaper effects.

A wide range of three-dimensional structures, bas relief effects and 40×40 cm mosaics bring a sense of genuine refined grace to the collection.

With Mixed, your walls become evocative backdrops that are both contemplative and functional, relating highly intimate styles forged in delicate hues, matched materials, and low-key furniture.

Together with Mixed, Ossimori, Stratford, Incanto and Realstone_Argent are the porcelain stoneware collections chosen by the Ragno design department to bring functionality, light, and a breath of spontaneity to bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, community spaces and restaurants. A crossover of surfaces for novel interpretations of living space, all to be discovered in the collection gallery and dedicated catalogue.