New colours and fresh patterns extend the Realstone_Argent collection

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Warm and cool tones, matt effect, with a blend of technology and tradition: these are the ingredients of the Realstone Argent collection, expanded and renewed with new colours, sizes and decors

The Realstone Argent collection is a journey through tactile and visual sensations that evoke pure, natural, ancestral experiences; the typical shades and textures of stone are reinterpreted with a new, contemporary approach, for interior design schemes and outdoor locations.

Ragno Ceramiche enlarges this stone effect porcelain stoneware collection with the new Miele and Ghiaccio colours and the Tapestry, Mosaico Rombi and Struttura Linee 3D decors. A neutral, matt-effect palette that guides the collection towards a continuum with a minimal, pure look. The Miele, Avorio and Sabbia colours add warmth to spaces, while the Ghiaccio shade restores their balance.

The Tapestry decor, in two versions, warm Avorio and cool Ghiaccio, is ideal not only for vertical surfaces but also for indoor floors with a strong, decided personality, with a timeless wallpaper effect. The Mosaico Rombi, available in all colours, and the Struttura Linee 3D, offered in the warm, enticing Miele and Avorio shades, personalise interiors and reference a minimalist aesthetic.

The Realstone_Argent collection features six sizes in the four shades: 120×120 and 60×120 cm, on rectified 6 mm slimline thickness or structured for outdoors, and 75×150, 75×75, 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 cm in traditional thickness.
The small vein patterns within the surface embellish every one of the collection’s sizes and recall the chromatic mottling typical of sandstones.
The large size is ideal for projects in which visual continuity must be enhanced by covering both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Tiles are in colorbody fine porcelain stoneware, rectified and with monocaliber to minimise or eliminate joints, and offer technical characteristics that ensure resistance to frost and deep abrasion. What’s more, the StepWise technology maintains tiles’ soft-touch surface without impairing their excellent slip resistance.

Realstone_Argent provides a neutral base for designers seeking to merge spaces and blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors and horizontal and vertical surfaces.