Paving a modern terrace with stoneware tiles

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4 porcelain stoneware ideas inspired by 3 materials for a characterful terrace

For paving or re-paving a terrace or balcony, the ideal choice is a durable, attractive material that will create a pleasant ambience in harmony with your style.

The ideal candidate for paving a terrace is porcelain stoneware, which offers a whole set of essential characteristics, since it is:

  • Resistant to both loads and knocks and weather and frost.

  • Lightfast: it does not bleach over time.

  • Safe because it is anti-slip.

  • Non-porous and therefore waterproof and stain-resistant.

  • Hygienic and resistant to the chemicals you use for cleaning.

  • Easy to manage because it does not need any particular routine maintenance.

For the paving of your modern terrace, we have come up with 4 suggestions in porcelain stoneware inspired by 3 materials: wood, stone and – of course – concrete.

Timeworn wood-effect tiles for terraces
Wood fits in everywhere, a traditional material also perfect in modern contexts. Porcelain stoneware reproduces it impeccably thanks to high-definition technologies, with results that will strike you as natural and realistic.
Just take a look at the original distressed appearance, with a strongly time-worn effect, of the wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in the Woodsense collection by Ragno. For outdoor use, they are offered as thick planks of 40×120 cm or in the 60×60 cm square size, also 2 cm thick, in an assortment of neutral colours ranging from grey to beige through to brown.
With Woodsense you can pave your terrace or balcony with tiles in the same material effect and colour as those used inside your home, thanks to the rougher surface available on the long, narrow 20×120 cm size.

Hand-worked wood-effect balcony tiles
The Woodshape wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection, inspired by wood hand-worked by skilled carpenters, and featuring tiles with noticeable variations in shade, is similar to Woodsense in colour range but different in character.
Woodshape offers you stoneware tiles in planks of 15×90 cm, also a good size for small balconies or patios.

Stone-effect terrace tiles
For paving a fairly large terrace, you can opt for medium-large rectified tiles – i.e. tiles with perfectly straight edges – for installation with joints of a matter of millimetres, to give the impression of an unbroken surface, in line with design trends.
For example, for outdoor use, the Realstone Lunar stone-look porcelain stoneware collection offers you rectified tiles both in structured version in the 60×120 cm and 30×60 cm sizes and in extra-thick 2 cm version in the 50×100 cm size.
Realstone Lunar, which evokes the surface patterning of pitch stone, typical of the Ragusa area of Sicily, offers colours ranging from White to Uniform, via an assortment of subtle neutral shades from beige to grey. Lunar is manufactured using the special StepWise technology, which provides a product with a very soft feel and easy cleaning, in spite of a high degree of slip resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Concrete-effect tiles for balconies
As an alternative to the wood and stone effects, for your balcony or terrace you may prefer the texture of the most contemporary of all materials: concrete.
In the Re Solution concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collection you will find a very modern assortment of neutral colours in the form of rectified tiles in a structured outdoor version, in the versatile 75×75 cm square size.