Pura Brasa: new Mediterranean hospitality with a modern, metropolitan air

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A mix & match of warm, luminous materials covers the indoor and outdoor areas of the new restaurant designed by GAC 3000 in Girona.

Indoor-outdoor contamination at the Pura Brasa: a dialogue of light, architecture and nature

Pura Brasa, just opened in the heart of the Platja d’Aro, in the province of Girona, is a space for enjoying good food and spending time with friends that offers a fluid succession of indoor and outdoor areas on several floors, each of them a rich concentrate of light, matter and color.

The restaurant’s design, by GAC 3000, had a single aim: to create a welcoming, fresh, dynamic venue, with profound links to its local community.

The building envelope, the structure and some interior design details immediately evoke urban moods, referencing factory conversion projects, combined with striking patches of greenery and the unique warmth of wood and solid colors.

The Ragno porcelain stoneware coverings play a fundamental role in this location, underlining its vibrant modernity.

Black & white look with slate stone-effect and traditional decorative cement tiles

The stone effect of the Realstone_Slate porcelain stoneware collection in Black in the 30×60 cm size, chosen for the outdoor facade, presents the simple strength of pure matter.

The veining and shade variations of the Black variant fulfil a subtle, discreet decorative role, fitting perfectly into the design of the perforated metal external cladding, distressed to create a layer of rust that makes a forceful color statement.

Once inside, we find a tasteful, attractive combination of wood, metal and decorative touches, provided by carpets built up with the small size 20×20 cm stoneware tiles of the Contrasti collection, chosen in the Antracite shade. The Contrasti porcelain stoneware collection is produced with the StepWise technology, which guarantees high slip resistance while maintaining a soft-touch surface that is easy to clean. With these characteristics, the product is the ideal solution for both domestic settings and high traffic commercial applications like shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

The charm of salvaged antique wood with the Woodtale and Woodsense stoneware

Pura Brasa has a warm heart thanks to the wood effect of the Woodtale and Woodsense porcelain stoneware collections, both evoking material looks profoundly linked to a past of renovated industrial buildings and old rural traditions.

The 20×120 plank tiles, in a running bond layout, cover the large surfaces of the restaurant’s two main floors and dialogue with two parallel systems in different materials and colors.

The first, installed on the floors, is the uniform, slightly waxy surface of the large Petrolio slabs from the Patina collection, a covering of great beauty and depth.

The second, on the pillars and on the partition wall leading to the terrace floor, is the system constructed with the small 6×24 cm tiles of the Look collection in the Bianco, Nero and Oliva variants, a chapter of the Storie series, which evokes the pleasure of hand-crafted materials with their “perfect flaws” and tactile appeal.

A mix & match of various Ragno ceramic and porcelain stoneware collections creates a welcoming, luminous location.