Ragno StepWise

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The innovative StepWiseTM technology guarantees surfaces a soft feel, while maintaining a high level of slip resistance.

Ragno surfaces, made withthe new patented StepWiseTM technology, offer excellent compliance with the friction requirements of the most stringent non-slip regulations, married to outstanding style for products that are both pleasing to the touch and easy to clean.

StepWiseTM porcelain stoneware can be sanitised with water and non-aggressive detergent, and is thus the ideal solution for both domestic settings and high traffic commercial applications like shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

The ContrastiRealstone_Navigli and Realstone_Lunar collections, made with the StepWiseTM technology, offer highly original styling with the advantages of compliance with the most demanding technical performance specifications. Ragno brand collections have always combined a vast range of decorative options with guaranteed quality and technical performance.