Reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese house in the Incanto stoneware collection

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Incanto collection porcelain stoneware is ideal for projects with an oriental and intimate mood, to create a sophisticated, comfortable home.

The sound of soft footsteps on the tatami and light filtering through the shoji sliding doors, the fragrance of ikebana flower arrangements and the warmth of the steam from a hot bath at dusk. Experience the sense of equilibrium of the wabi-sabi, in an aesthetic that celebrates flawed, fleeting, incomplete beauty. Breathe in the minimalist atmosphere of the Japanese home.

A Japanese house is made up of simple shapes, with its rooms subdivided in a way which celebrates the individual’s interior space. The focus is on silence, in a project that aims to emphasise only the primary elements of everyday life.

Entering the house, we are guests in an elegant, minimalist interior.

The entrance corridor is an invitation to explore the house, walking through it on bare feet to enjoy the tactile sensations of the continuous floor coverings. Used on walls and floors, the large size of the Incanto marble-effect stoneware in 120×278 and 120×120 cm size in the Cremo Delicato Glossy variant generates brightness in a dialogue between indoor and outdoor space.

A glimpse of a private room can be seen from the entrance: it is the bedroom, where Sky Black Glossy in the large 120×278 cm size, installed on the walls, enhances the purity of the forms and the simplicity of the materials and furnishings. The two-color geometrical pattern of the slabs installed on the floor evokes the idea of tatami, defining the home’s interiors with tasteful discretion.

The evening bathing ritual is continued in the bathroom, celebrated in a tub surrounded by glossy veined surfaces and slabs of Calacatta Nobile in the Mosaico Ventaglio Glossy version, in the colors and vein patterns of the most finest marble.

We return to the large dining room, the heart of the home, where the tea ceremony takes place. The space is surrounded by walls covered with Verde Antigua slabs, an evocation of celadon pottery, for combination with Mosaico Ventaglio Calacatta Nobile tiles in the glossy finish.

These are the aesthetic impressions to be drawn on for a reinterpretation of the Incanto collection in oriental style. The multiplicity of sizes amplifies the potential architectural applications, from the most conventional as a floor covering suitable for every room in the home to the more unusual, for the walls of the bedrooms and living area.

The Incanto collection takes inspiration from the Land of the Rising Sun in a sequence of attractive, comfortable rooms: the marble slabs are used to create beautiful regular geometric patterns. The color range comprises 13 shades of organic inspiration with marble-effect veining. The backgrounds are delicate and fluid, ideal for styling a tasteful, comfortable home.

An intimate, tasteful domestic experiment that reproduces the moods of Japan at its most private.