Reinventing tradition in the kitchen: using stoneware cement tiles to design contemporary spaces

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Created to combine beauty and functionality, stoneware cement tiles are ideal for vintage-style wall coverings. 

Cement tiles, a traditional type of Italian covering, are characterised by matt colours, striking geometric/floral patterns and excellent installation performance.
Ragno cherishes traditions by reinterpreting them in the kitchen using stoneware cement tiles: classic ceramic is thus redefined and modernized with a contemporary design and high performance. The modular decorative carpets, variety of subjects and colour schemes, and the tasteful use of monochrome plain tiles are ideal for floor and wall coverings.

Vintage – style kitchens
For those who want to relive the experiences of decorative culture of the early 20th-century, the Ottocento, Abitare and Contrasti collections are the ideal choice: subjects such as meanders, flowers and friezes can be freely matched and mixed with monochrome plain tiles. They can identify a specific area of the kitchen, define the boundaries of a dining area and enhance a counter, island or backsplash.

The Ottocento collection features an interesting range of colours enhanced by powdery hues. The eight decorative carpet variants – Amber for the warm shades and Talc for the cold tones – evoke sophisticated and intimate atmospheres.

The Abitare collection is reminiscent of 20th-century granulated and cement Seminato tiles. A single matt 20×20 cm size with six elegant shades to combine with eight bright decorative carpets for a timeless appeal.

Retro majolica kitchens
If you want to give your kitchen a retro look, the Eden collection is the ideal choice. The 2 sizes – the 7×28 cm brick tile and 21×18.2 cm hexagon tile – are ideal for covering walls and floors. They have a distressed, waxy look that accentuates small, natural imperfections. The tone-on-tone neutral colours and romantically inspired patterns are perfect for creating a high-tech “timeworn” effect in commercial premises.

Compositional freedom: hexagon tiles
The Rewind collection, by contrast, offers great compositional freedom: we are free to experiment, revolutionizing classic compositions. 

The collection features numerous dimensions and sizes and, thanks to the hexagon tiles with warm, cosy monochrome plain tiles and geometric and floral patterns reinterpreted with a contemporary twist, unusual and never predictable combinations can be created.

The different colours and tactile sensations guarantee new design solutions for an extension of the kitchen outdoors, an unusual covering design and an elegant mix of monochrome carpets.