Re_Solution, the collection that translates the soft feel of resin into porcelain stoneware

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Tactile pleasure and visual continuity, on walls and floors, thanks to the virtually seamless combination of rectified pieces in 6 colour variants

You are sure to have heard of resin, probably in relation to the renovation of rooms within the home or the large surfaces of offices and shops.

If by any chance you have used it yourself, you will be familiar, even only thanks to the sensitivity of your hands and an eye rather better trained to appreciate beauty, of its special qualities: a distinctive softness and a profound link, in its most natural colour variants, to the deepest roots of what building really means.

The Re_Solution collection by Ragno reinterprets these exquisite features and successfully conserves the material's unique character, even conserving one of its key prerogatives and almost its raison d'être: its ability to create a seamless surface, on a floor or wall, with no obvious fragmentation or break in the geometrical harmony.

This effect of continuity is achieved by applying the resin look to the surfaces of rectified stoneware slabs, available in several sizes from 75×150 to 30×60 cm, by way of square tiles of 75×75 and 60×60 cm. Each piece, regardless of size, is placed next to the others with a minimal joint, and the continuous surface effect can be enhanced, during installation, by the use of a grout in a matching colour.

Re_Solution offers a range of six colour variants, ranging from the more subtle, natural Blanc, Linen and Greige, to the darker Smoke, Urban and Pencil, particularly suitable for urban chic design schemes, perhaps included in the renovation of what were once industrial buildings.

What's more, tile surfaces are given added interest by three different textures: natural, Brill or structured. With its anti-slip properties, the structured surface is also suitable for outdoor installation, creating the potential for unbroken continuity in material and visual effect between the indoor and outdoor areas of the home.

To conclude, the collection is completed by decors to accompany the basic tiles: a choice of two mosaics – a conventional 5×5 cm chip mosaic in 30×30 mesh-backed size, and Blend, with an evanescent striking effect, and the Trame decor. This decor appears to be created through the delicate overlapping of different patterns, partially obscured and eroded by the action of passing time.


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