The soft, natural appeal of Realstone_PietrAntica stone-effect porcelain stoneware

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The latest addition to the Realstone catalogue translates the inspiration of a French natural stone into stoneware with light colours, a soft surface and great compositional versatility

A living area. A country home in the South of France, where a director would have no hesitation in setting his latest film, with a blend of romanticism and poetic irony. Outside, the sun and a few playful puffs of wind, a reminder of the distant sea. It would be perfect if there were also fields of lavender or yellow wheat all around, framed by the living room windows and reaching as far as the eye could see.

The mood is right, isn't it? Now it is time to define the details of our ideal "set". In fact, for every interior design idea worthy of the name, there is a Ragno collection ready to put it into practice and transfer it to a real context, and ensure it is ready to meet all our daily needs.

Today it is the turn of Realstone_PietrAntica, which reinterprets limestone in a soft, elegant version with a unique talent for harmonising past and present, nature and technology.

The basic material has a velvety texture, with understated patterning, in three colour variants: White, Beige and Multicolor.

The edges then add flaws that are perfect for maintaining the beauty and authenticity that vouch for the material's natural origins. Although rectified, they still have an attractively irregular look, evoking the work of ancient stonemasons and the marks left by their tools.

The stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in the Realstone_PietrAntica collection are available in three sizes: from the largest 60×120 cm to the smallest 30×60 cm, by way of 60×60 cm. The same sizes are also available in the extra-thick 20 mm variant, and allow the construction of geometric patterns with different modules.

The catalogue is completed by a decor inspired by cement tiles – which therefore maintains the romantic link to the past –, a regular mosaic and a brickwork pattern texture, perfect for designing inserts or entire portions of a wall for decorative purposes.

Finally, the collection has been produced with the aid of a wonderful new technology: StepWise™, which renders the tile's surface anti-slip yet pleasantly soft to the touch.