Solutions for an open plan kitchen and lounge

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The open plan lounge, a single space for all the apartment’s daytime functions, is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. How can you create an open plan living area in contemporary taste? Which solutions are best for making the most of rooms of different sizes? What are the benefits?


There may be various reasons for opting for an open plan lounge and kitchen, but there are many benefits:

  • more time together. Having the kitchen and lounge in a single room means you can be with your family and friends even while preparing meals.
  • more space and light. Eliminating hallways and walls increases the usable floor area and optimises the natural daylight available from windows and balconies. The home looks larger and lighter.
  • more flexibility. The absence of floor space restrictions provided by lofts and open plan areas means that furniture can be placed in a freer, more contemporary way, and the distribution and layout of furnishings is easier to decide.



Depending on the floor space available in the living area – kitchen, various factors should be considered when arranging the furniture. It is very useful to use furniture to subdivide the kitchen from the lounge area, so that the onlooker will appreciate how the main functions are allocated within the single space. Different solutions can be designed depending on the size of the open plan room:

A living area of 30/50 m2: in this case there are no constraints as such. The recommendation is to opt for a kitchen with an island equipped as a snack top, completed by stools. The island becomes the fulcrum of the kitchen and provides a filter between the kitchen and lounge areas. Large sofas and armchairs are arranged to create a sociable relaxation area, while a large carpet defines the rest of the lounge zone. If the island option is rejected, an alternative is a large rectangular table of 200 cm or more to define the dining area as an important space for sharing, for eating, working or doing homework.

A living area of 15/20 m2: when the open plan area is smaller, it is best to opt for an L-shaped kitchen with breakfast bar integrated in the worktop, which acts as divider between the lounge and the dining area. In this case, the countertop separates the food preparation space from the lounge. If a straight-line or concealed kitchen is preferred, the sofa can be placed parallel to the kitchen and facing away from it, with a sideboard, a kitchen service top or the dining table behind the sofa. Another space-saving strategy is a two-sided bookcase, which may be floor-to-ceiling or about 90/100 cm high, to separate the spaces without sacrificing light or useful space.