Stone-effect stoneware and wood come together in a meeting of land and sea

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In a Panamanian attic dos G arquitectos has chosen Ragno to create a continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Panama: a place where it is easy to imagine the land, sky and sea blending together to create breathtaking panoramas.

In the heart of the City, along Vía España, an attic apartment on multiple levels shows what it means to preserve the precious bond between the natural and the manmade, between solids and voids, material and atmosphere, following its radical renovation.

Overseen by Panamanian architects dos G arquitectos run by Ginnette Gotti and Ivan Grippaldi, the project had one particular goal: to bring the sea inside the home, breaking down all concrete and visual barriers that could prevent the space from flowing from the inside outwards.

This abstract requirement was translated into a number of specific changes to the plans: the elimination of a long corridor, dark and closed, the demolition of various portions of the masonry to allow the installation of glass panels, the definition of hybrid and multifunctional internal spaces, in direct dialogue with the exterior.

The new open and flexible layout of the home is underlined by a palette of soft, bright colours inspired by nature and, in particular, stone and wood.

On the floor, with the unique exception of the covered porch dedicated to relaxation, the uniform pattern of 60X120 cm porcelain stoneware slabs from the Ragno Life collection in Beige Lux guarantees the presence of a continuous horizontal backdrop for the various volumes and elements of the project.

And while the walls of the bathroom match this very soft neutral base inspired by a compact and uniform natural stone, the wood-effect insert tile on the floor of the living room and bar area makes the main floor of the apartment warm and intimate. This effect was achieved using 20×120 cm planks from the Woodliving collection chosen in the variant Rovere Biondo and laid in a running installation pattern just like a traditional parquet.

The bar cabinet, to which a fixed table is attached as a genuine decorative element, is upholstered with a contrasting material, stone-effect stoneware in Grigio colour, notable for its irregular grain and iridescent colour effects.