Metal becomes ceramic tile: the Brass collection by Ragno

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A kaleidoscope of visual effects dissolves and illuminates the tiles' metallic surfaces

The wall tiles in the Brass collection by Ragno combine a ceramic base with inspiration from a very distinctive surface treatment: etched metal.

This craft technique is traditionally used to multiply the visual effects metal can provide through the carefully calculated application of chemicals that modify the surface's colour and structure.

The production of streaks and chiaroscuro effects, the variation in texture and the alternation of matt, glossy and semi-glossy parts, bring out every single facet and meaning latent in the metal to generate a kaleidoscope of effects that the porcelain stoneware tiles, all in the same rectangular 25×38 cm size, express in four colour variants: two cold, Argento and Ferro and two warm, Beige and Ossido.

In the same colours, the Marea mosaics and plain tiles, with a rippled structure, break up the surface to multiply its interplay with the light and the recurrent geometric patterns, while the Geo and Lamina decors transport the meaning of the stoneware collection onto another plane.

In fact, they involve two trompe l'oeil effects:

  • The first is superimposition, meaning the layering of ornamental motifs, shades and background colours, each at least partially eroded by a sort of delicate, translucent patina.
  • The second references something familiar to us all from childhood: the assembly of cut-out shapes to build up a collage in which edges and limits are not necessarily clearly defined. The irregular, imprecise, unfinished effect is an essential part of this decor's identity and appeal.

Intended as a bathroom and kitchen wall covering, the Brass collection is also perfect for defining the personality of industrial-style commercial interiors. Explore the photos in the gallery and be inspired.