Sublime Sync: the new digital technology for high resolution ceramic products

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A high resolution production process perfectly marries graphic design with the texture of the surface, thus lending unprecedented realism to the ceramic slab.

Recent developments in ceramic technology have enabled Ragno Ceramiche porcelain stoneware to achieve extremely high technical and aesthetic performance. The new Sublime Sync technology precisely and continuously reproduces textural effects, thus enabling even more realistic reproduction of the original material while lending the product the feel of the original textures.

The sophisticated high resolution digital printing process of Sublime Sync enables exact matching of the graphics and textures, thus giving the ceramic surface a realistically mutable aesthetic. Advanced optical sensors applied to the production lines precisely read the innumerable movements of the surfaces, matched with various graphic patterns. By micro-shifting the levels of gloss and matt of the glazes during installation, the design is perfectly integrated into the texture, thus achieving unprecedented depth and precision, on both natural and textured finishes.

This innovative production solution, highly versatile and customisable, can be applied to any of the products in the new Ragno catalogue, and has already been used for two collections: Stratford and Ossimori.

High resolution digital technology and deep textures for the Stratford collection’s Struttura Foglia 3D

The fully-featured Stratford porcelain stoneware collection is an important product range for decoration, with the extraordinary textures of its botanical motifs. In particular, Struttura Foglia 3D, available in White and Grey in the 60×120 cm format, is produced with the new Sublime Sync technology. The concrete-effect surface, with its dense, textured look, is characterised by graphic motifs inspired by nature which perfectly match its bas-relief texture, thus giving greater depth and feel to the decoration.

Such extremely natural stoneware surfaces are a new milestone in ceramic technology

Two opposite moods are united in Ossimori, a naturally elegant collection in which the technical component is key to exploring new stylistic meanings. The entire collection is made with the modern Sublime Sync high resolution digital technology, which perfectly matches patterning and structure, producing oak effect stoneware with an authentic texture in two different finishes, Naturale and Extra Matt.

The former is slightly glossy and very textured, recreating the effect of classic timeworn wooden boards, while the latter is extremely natural and non-reflective thanks to the use of the Zero Glossy technology, which creates ultra-matt surfaces in line with the latest trends in interior design.