Technology serves contemporary elegance in the concrete-effect stoneware of the new Roots collection.

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Roots by Ragno is a journey through elegant moods and exotic inspirations, in an environment-friendly line of high antibacterial performance.

Roots is the new Ragno concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collection that immerses us in an elegant, contemporary Mediterranean mood.

A tasteful, versatile indoor and outdoor style, with textures of organic inspiration, neutral colours and surfaces with a natural look, safe and protected from bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms thanks to the constant action of the new and advanced CleanOut Antibacterial Protection technology.

Roots is available in 4 different sizes: 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 cm in White, Grey, Beige, and Multicolor colours for floors and walls, and 30×90 cm in White, Grey and Beige for wall coverings only.

For use with the 30×90 cm ceramic wall tiles, the collection features a three-dimensional structure, District, and a mosaic, both available in the three neutral colours White, Grey and Beige.

In contrast, the Bluwall decor, with its exotic inspiration, adds a colourful, extrovert touch, clearly referencing ‘jungle’ effect wallpapers.

Refined lines are combined with innovative technological performances, which are integral to the collection’s stoneware and deliver amazing tactile sensations, excellent slip resistance, and properties that guarantee unbeatable hygiene and strength.

In fact, the collection Roots incorporates the new CleanOut Antibacterial Protection antibacterial technology, the specific silver ion treatment that actively defends surfaces against germs and bacteria. Day in, day out, CleanOut reduces the bacterial load on materials by 99.9%, for absolute hygiene and guaranteed durability.

The CleanOut Antibacterial Protection technology is featured in association with the Stepwise patent, which provides excellent slip resistance, a soft feel and easy cleaning, due to the absence of surface roughness.

Last but not least, the entire Roots collection is manufactured in Italy with 40% recycled material, in a production approach compliant with the criteria of environmental sustainability we all hold so dear.