4 ways of choosing the tiles of a white bathroom

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From “non-colour” to trendy colour for your bathroom’s floors and walls

Some people describe it as a “non colour”, but in fact using white in home decoration is a specific interior design choice. And total white – all-white floor, walls and furnishings – works for every room in the home, including the bathroom.

But why opt for white tiles for your bathroom? Because white has many excellent qualities:

  • It adds luminosity even to windowless bathrooms, which are generally small (see next point).
  • It makes small rooms look larger (and bathrooms are often small).
  • It is perfect with all styles: Nordic, minimal, classic, shabby chic…
  • It is versatile: it is just as effective in a city home as in a seaside flat or a loft studio apartment.
  • It gives interiors a sense of completeness, good taste and cleanliness.

Of the many materials available for protecting bathroom floors and walls – from wood to water-based paints – ceramic tiles, in shades of white, are once again unrivalled in terms of durability, hygiene and convenience.

Below we will describe 4 bathroom variations on the theme of white which, with all its potentials, turns out to be a colour that is very far from banal.

Wall tiles for a white bathroom
If you are afraid that a white bathroom may lack personality, the white ceramic wall tiles in the Off collection by Ragno will make you change your mind. They are ideal for a modern bathroom, but so refined that they are also perfect in a design scheme in classic taste.

These large tiles in size 30×90 cm are only produced in white, with a variety of surfaces: glossy or satiny, smooth or three-dimensional. In fact, white tiles place greater emphasis on shape and texture, as the 3D, bevelled and ribbed versions of Off prove.

Tiles for a marble-effect white bathroom
White also emphasises the material effect of marble.
Sophisticated and constantly different with its broad or slender coloured veining, it is also available in the Imperiale marble-look porcelain stoneware collection by Ragno.

For the floor and walls of your bathroom, Imperiale offers you glossy or matt, square and rectangular white and grey or white and beige tiles with a variety of patterning. The collection is completed by ceramic wall tiles such as mosaics and tiles with three-dimensional relief patterns, or decorated with lace-inspired motifs.

Tiles for a bathroom in neutral colours
White comes in a variety of warm and cold shades that merge into the neutral grey and beige colours. With the stone-look porcelain stoneware tiles in its Creek collection, Ragno offers cold white, almost grey and ivory verging on beige as colours for bathroom floors and walls. The tactile beauty of the stone effect is available both as a solid colour surface and in mosaics and tiles with fabric-like decorations.

The Creek collection also has a matching set of ceramic tiles for covering walls with relief or vintage patterned surfaces.

Tiles for a distressed white bathroom
If you love the retro moods and simplicity of concrete, you should consider the white tiles in the Ragno TexCem concrete-effect collection for the walls of your bathroom.

TexCem is a design offering that focuses on the look of timeworn surfaces, ranging from monochrome tiles to mosaics, and from cement tiles to three-dimensional surfaces.  The Tria structure, for example, alternates triangular and square forms in relief, to create light and shade effects with strong visual impact.