Welcoming moods for attractive interiors in central Copenhagen

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A contemporary vision of living and commercial spaces in a metropolitan city with an antique allure, revealing the Danish capital’s dual personality

Anyone visiting Copenhagen is immediately aware of its dual personality: a vibrant city, always up to date with the latest fashion, design and architecture trends, but with a laid-back lifestyle founded on positive values for sharing with friends and family in the intimate spaces of daily life.

Given these two souls, traditional and innovative, Copenhagen offers a vast variety of very different home design styles, which however all share an exclusive northern European appeal. Not far from the city, south of Amager, a coastal island popular for its watersports and beaches, we find a two-floor home in minimalist yet welcoming style, with interior design in perfect continuity of looks and material with the natural features of the surrounding landscape.

The mood in the large ground-to-roof lounge is warm and comfortable. There are two swings, still moving, hanging from a beam. Leisure activities usually associated with the outdoors are transferred inside the home and become elegant furnishings of indoor space. Light floods in through the large windows and reveals the marks in a material steeped in lived-in beauty on the floor.

The Avorio Naturale surface from the new Ossimori collection, slightly glossy and rich in details achieved with the Sublime Sync technology, recreates the effect of old wooden boards which, due to people’s coming and going, have lost the shine of their waxed finish in their most heavily worn areas. A new aesthetic, inspired by feelings of stillness and serenity, highlights the signs of a past which is still very much part of the present.

The timeless elegance of wood is revived in porcelain stoneware surfaces that fit attractively into all the most intimate spaces of our daily lives. The bathroom combines the regular repetition of the Ossimori Chevron size, chosen in Beige Extra Matt colour, with the broad veining of the Bardiglio colour of the Incanto marble effect stoneware collection, in a perfect synthesis of varied patterning and a multitude of subtle shades. The square chip mosaic used to line the shower enclosure amplifies the decorative power of the entire composition.

Overlooking the garden courtyard, a multipurpose relaxation and study area is defined by the Marrone Extra Matt shade from the Ossimori collection, with ultra-matt finish obtained with the new Zero Glossy technology, which creates a completely non-reflective surface for a minimal, decidedly Nordic look.

The same Marrone shade was also used for the outdoor paving of part of the garden, with Grip surface enhanced by the StepWise technology to provide an anti-slip, soft-touch yet easily cleaned product, for an outdoor lifestyle where anything goes.