Wood-effect and resin-effect stoneware dialogue with time and local stone in the Inde á la terre guesthouse

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An ancient local stone building houses spaces for hospitality in tune with their setting, designed with close attention to detail.

There are places which tell their story with light, the blue of the sky and the sea, and the materials used in their local architectures. Puglia is certainly one such, a region whose original name Apulia immediately evokes its deep connection to ancient Rome and Greece, the remains of which lie open to view at every step.

Molfetta, a few kilometres from Bari, has a wide seafront surrounding its historic centre and port. One must take one’s time to discover the winding, sun-drenched streets of its fascinating centre, full of stories and the perfumes of nature and the earth itself.

This is the spirit of the place, and also of its new hospitality facilities, open to tourists and passing visitors every season of the year.

One of these is the Inde á la terre guest house, designed with love and attention to detail by architect and interior designer Gabriella Azzolini. The design of the new interiors started with respect for its origins, perfectly balanced between the old and the new, tradition and innovation.

The basic material is the local stone, which forms an ancient, solid shell to protect the whole. Inside, however, there is something unexpected, warm and welcoming. The new layout of the rooms, multiplied by reflecting glass and mirrors, creates modern, luminous interiors, ideal for passing entire days relaxing and taking one’s time.

And the stylistic charm of wood is the perfect way to connect the requirements of modern life with the old. This led to the designer choosing Woodsense wood effect stoneware in the soft Beige tone, in the 20×120 cm format, elegant and easy to install in even the most geometrically challenging rooms.

In one of the bathrooms, velvety, luminous delicacy is expressed in the choice of Patina porcelain stoneware, a Ragno product that will please both those who enjoy the uniform look of resin and those who also like to see the traces of time and everyday gestures, repeated for generations, on the stoneware surface.

75×75 cm and 75×150 cm slabs create uniform – but not too uniform! – floors and walls, enhanced by the interior lighting and the ceramic candour of the bathroom furnishings.

The tactile and visual luminosity and softness of the interior design of the Inde á la terre guesthouse evoke ancient memories and the echoes of distant times in every room.