The dream of opening a restaurant by the sea

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Wood-effect stoneware and aquamarine walls for a casual venue in the Lisbon region

We are in Cascais, on the west coast of Portugal, one of the most beautiful places in the spectacular Lisbon region. Opening a restaurant here, perhaps even on the beach, is something many people dream of.

Hifen is one of those dreams come true. The restaurant's design is inspired by the owners' wish to bring the sea into their building, merging indoors and outdoors just as they combine different cuisines, countries and traditions, creating an informal, casual, friendly, homely ambience. In fact, hifen is the Portuguese for "hyphen", the dash which links two words together to create a new one.

The noise of the waves is audible from inside the restaurant: the sea is ever-present with its fragrance and its aquamarine colour, used for the micro-resin finish of the walls and as dominant colour for the seats. And, almost like the waves breaking on the sand, the cool aquamarine encounters the warmth of the wood-effect stoneware planks of the Woodcraft collection by Ragno, intentionally installed in an irregular pattern: the result is a stylistic embrace that effectively evokes the fusion of two natural elements.

This effect is made possible by Woodcraft's original 10×70 cm size, which allows unusual installation combinations and patterns, perfect for giving a unique touch to interior design projects like Hifen, bestowing a different light on the room depending on the shade chosen. In this case, the architects have opted for a warm beige, but the collection offers no fewer than 5 different shades adaptable to infinite requirements and tastes.

As the name suggests, Hifen's interior design combines different styles: its basic inspiration comes from industrial interiors (noticeable in the metal design features used as the lighting system), but it acquires warmth from the wood-effect stoneware and the predominance of other furnishings in honey-coloured wood, contrasting with the whiteness of the large stone counter.

Hifen is a restaurant with an inviting interior, where diners feel at ease and the food is good: the same kind of mood and warmth could have been achieved with wood, but the intensive foot traffic, not to mention sand and brine residues, make porcelain stoneware the ideal choice, reconciling looks and function


 Project: Sofia Duarte, João Mota. Design Interiores e Arquitectura