Woodsense: the authentic, antique look of oak wood

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The warm, soft, gently creaking oak of old houses embraces the high-tech language of latest-generation porcelain stoneware and takes form in the Woodsense collection, for those who love walking barefoot and revel in comfort with an antique soul

Can a leading-edge production technology harmonise with something deeply rooted in the past, which derives its value from showing the signs of time rather than concealing them?

A strong affirmative, expressed in Ragno's superlative quality porcelain stoneware, comes from the new Woodsense collection, ideal for covering the floors of homes and small businesses, for paving terraces, and for much more.

To the touch, the pattern of plank tiles – available in three sizes, from the traditional, substantial 25×150 cm to the more versatile, slender, modern 19×150 cm and 20×120 cm – conveys a warmth and a tactile consistency that inevitably evoke the wonderfully time-worn, flawed wood of the homes of bygone days, referencing images accumulated over centuries of building traditions.

Trodden by generation after generation of shoes and bare feet, this carefully laid yet rustic oak bore on its surface the unmistakable marks of the personality and habits of the people who lived in the homes that contained it.

Woodsense is a wood-look stoneware that tells a story: it is designed and manufactured to criteria that combine aesthetic and functional qualities with other, more elusive values related to the emotions and their communication.

The plank tiles offer imitation parquet in four colour variants, all embodied in surface patterning with extremely natural variations, similar to the original inspiration material: the light, subtle Avorio and Beige and the more emphatic Marrone and Grigio, which can be freely combined in attractive, tasteful alternation.

The use of just one variant of the Woodsense wood-effect floor covering in terms of both plank tile size and colour, throughout the home and even on its adjoining outdoor areas, is extremely effective. This option is possible thanks to the inclusion in the range of a structured version, with R11 slip resistance, available in the 20×120 cm size.