XT20 Experiencing the outdoor life: the new Ragno outdoor collections catalogue is online

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All the Ragno extra-thickness porcelain stoneware collections: perfect for outdoors and for high-performance floorings

The XT20 Outdoor Living catalogue contains all the Ragno porcelain stoneware collections ideal for designing residential and commercial outdoor areas.
These are anti-slip products with outstanding technical performances, resistant to thermal shocks and with compact, durable structures suitable for a variety of installation modes, from dry installation on gravel, grass or sand to the more traditional glue – ideal for paving driveways – and raised pavings.

The catalogue also includes the brand new Realstone_Lunar XT20 and Realstone_Navigli XT20 stone-look collections manufactured using the ground-breaking StepWise™ technology, Realstone_PietrAntica XT20, and the wood-look Woodsense XT20.

StepWise™, the group's exclusive patented technology utilised for the production of Realstone_Lunar XT20 and Realstone_Navigli XT20, gives the porcelain stoneware high slip resistance while maintaining a very soft-touch surface that is extremely easy to clean as it is not at all rough.

All Ragno XT20 porcelain stonewares are the ideal solution for heavily used locations such as transit points, commercial kitchens, swimming-pools, public toilets and showers, and private and hotel outdoor areas.

Download the XT20 catalogue here and explore all the outdoor collections.