Colours, sizes, decors, mosaics and 3D structures all combine attractively within covering collections specifically developed to transform ceramics into a furnishing material, able to dialogue with fashion and interior design trends on equal terms.

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Ragno wall tiles combine attractively within collections, transforming ceramics into a furnishing material, able to dialogue with fashion and interior design trends on equal terms. Stoneware or ceramic wall coverings offer exceptional strength, easy cleaning and designs rich in colors, sizes, decors, mosaics and 3D structures, able to create luminous, original interiors.

Ceramic or stoneware tiles are ideal for wall coverings as they are waterproof and resistant to both impacts and frequent washing: they are thus greatly preferable to the alternatives such as paint, wallpaper or natural materials. What’s more, their easy cleaning and high level of protection make tiles the ideal wall covering solution for the bathroom and kitchen, the dampest parts of the home. Examples include shower linings and coverings of backsplashes above sinks or hobs, for which there is a choice of small, medium and large-size tiles. The decorative solutions available fit into any furnishing style, starting from the most traditional colors and working through to mosaics and wall tiles with marble or stone effect, ideal for both the kitchen and the shower.

The ideal material for the wall covering of a modern kitchen or bathroom is porcelain stoneware, which has lower water absorption values and also outstanding abrasion resistance.

One of the most popular patterns is mosaic, with which colors, shapes and above all material effects can be alternated and combined to create original, refined tile installation layouts. Wall tiles are a firm favourite in the interior design world due above all to their subtle shades and their variety of textures – rough, smooth or relief – which make them suitable for any type of project and any area of the home. With their combination of versatility and aesthetic sophistication, wall tiles are able to redefine the conceptions and uses of the various rooms, including the bathroom, lounge, kitchen and bedroom, and even outdoor zones.

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