Mosaic lends a touch of elegance, luxury and sophistication to every context, including the bathroom and home spa. Although it is rooted in an ancient tradition, in tile form, mosaic is a modern solution for covering the bathroom floor and walls.

​Even for mosaic tiles, porcelain stoneware and ceramic are excellent alternatives to more demanding materials from a maintenance point of view, such as glass, resin, marble, metal and terracotta.

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Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles bestow a touch of elegance and luxury on every room in the home. Their sophistication and refinement can be used to decorate any kind of interior, from the bathroom, which is transformed into a real home spa, through to the lounge and bedroom.

Mosaic tiles are an ideal solution both for covering walls and for the floor, especially in their porcelain stoneware and ceramic versions, excellent alternatives that do not require maintenance, unlike glass, resin, marble and terracotta. What’s more, stoneware and ceramics are anti-slip, hard-wearing and resistant to damp and all cleaning products, making mosaic tiles perfect even for the bathroom and kitchen. In these cases they may also be used for purely decorative purposes, to personalise specific spots within the room, such as for framing the mirror above the washbasin, cladding a built-in bathtub or defining the walls of the shower enclosure. For outdoor locations, the best use of mosaic tiles is for lining swimming-pools.

Versatile, elegant mosaic tiles are also an effective solution for shared spaces like the entrance hall and lounge, or for the most intimate parts of the home, such as the bedroom. In these cases, the shapes and sizes of the chips can be varied, with a choice of small, medium or large squares, rectangles or hexagons. Combinations may also involve the layout – for example, rectangular chips can be placed at right-angles or in a herringbone pattern – or colors and three-dimensional effects.

If placed in a specific, emptier part of the floor or wall, mosaic tiles create a decorative carpet or tapestry that provides a focus of attention and becomes a genuine artistic feature.

The color assortment is virtually infinite: the Ragno collections include glossy or matt mosaic tiles, and versions in solid color or with creative patterns, enabling variations in the shade of a single color, or reuse of shades which appear in other rooms.


Explore all the patterns you can reproduce with Ragno mosaic tiles: visit the website and browse the catalogue in search of the right combination for your interior design project.

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