Cementine effect tiles and porcelain stoneware

The collections tell stories whose every detail is inspired by the ceramic tradition, including the edges and surfaces characterized by bevels and imperfections typical of handmade products.

Color and decoration as a distinctive element of the space and as a tool capable of transforming environments, emphasizing their hierarchies and modulating lighting effects. Rich color tones, motifs, designs and decorations enhance each collection with great expressive potential.

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Cement tiles tell stories whose every detail is inspired by the ceramic tradition, including the edges and surfaces characterised by the flattening and flaws typical of handmade products.

The cement tile effect reproduces the uneven texture of the original material and combines it with dusty, neutral, desaturated colors to give the tiles an appearance that fits well into various design styles, including the rustic, the classical, the Nordic and the contemporary.

Cement tiles are a typical feature of traditional architecture, and although they are most familiar in medium-small square size, Ragno also offers a hexagon option. The geometrical patterns and decors that combine floral and classical motifs with solid color plain tiles make cement tiles ideal for covering rooms in the home such as the kitchen and the bathroom. It is their reproduction of the flaws typical of hand-crafted historic ceramics which makes cement tiles so elegant and refined, with the uneven surfaces and flattened edges characteristic of old-fashioned processes.

This look of a bygone age makes cement tiles ideal for all interior design styles with vintage overtones, and also for more sophisticated, elegant locations, where the Italian tradition contrasts with more contemporary, innovative features. In this case, a medium or large size should be used, to bestow a more refined appearance on the floors, walls and pavings of both indoor and outdoor areas.

Color and decoration, on the other hand, are the distinctive features of a space and can be used as tools capable of transforming interiors, emphasising their hierarchies and modulating lighting effects. A wealth of color tones, motifs and designs give every Ragno collection great expressive potential.

Walls can be personalised with striking decors depending on the location: for example, lounges and bedrooms are ideal for creating decorative ceramic tapestries. The wide selection within Ragno collections also offers more finishes inspired by traditional processes, including the matt, smooth and majolica-look effects. Finally, the neutral character of solid color cement tiles is a fine accompaniment to tiles that imitate the look of natural materials, such as wood, stone, marble and terracotta effect tiles.

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