4 bedroom parquet ideas

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The convenience and beauty of wood-effect stoneware planks and boards in a variety of colours and sizes.

For parquet the bedroom is a kind of natural habitat. Which room in the home is better suited to the cosy, comfortable, intimate, tranquil mood that parquet creates?

But are you sure that parquet is the right solution for your bedroom floor? Natural wood is rather delicate, but porcelain stoneware parquet is an excellent alternative. The flooring you want for your bedroom is in wood-effect porcelain stoneware, if you are looking for a parquet that is:

  • Hard-wearing and tough, even child-proof.

  • Hygienic and allergy-proof, while carpets and upholstery are the perfect receptacles for dust mites, pollen and animal hairs.

  • Easy to clean and easy to manage because it does not need any particular routine care.

Wood-look porcelain stoneware has an appearance of the highest quality: thanks to the very high resolution digital printing technology used on the tiles, it offers an accurate, natural reproduction of the colours, vein patterns and shaping marks of wood – and even its flaws or the marks left by time on its surface.
What's more, every wood-look stoneware collection is different: here we have chosen 5 of them to give you an idea of the variety of possible options for the best floor tiles for your bedroom.

Oak-effect stoneware bedroom parquet
The wood-effect stoneware tiles of the Woodspace collection by Ragno are inspired by oak wood, with all its vein patterning, stippling and knots.
You will find it in both the best-selling 20×120 cm and the 25×150 cm sizes. From lightest to darkest, the Woodspace colour assortment comprises 4 evergreen shades: Bianco, Beige, Tortora and Marrone.

Salvaged wood-look stoneware bedroom parquet
Also in the 20×120 cm and 25×150 mc sizes together with the unusual 19×150 cm, Ragno presents the just-out Woodsense collection, a stoneware inspired by salvaged wood boards. The collection's timeworn surfaces feature sharp variations in colour and marks left by time, recalling all the beauty of antique wood. Woodsense is available in 4 colour variations, 2 warm shades – Beige and Marrone – and two cold – Avorio and Grigio.

Wood-effect stoneware bedroom flooring with mix and match tiles
With wood-look stoneware, you can combine several tile sizes to give variety to your bedroom parquet. So, for example, the 10 and 13×100 cm planks in the Woodreal wood-effect collection can be installed – together – in a grid with continuous joints, in a running bond pattern with staggered joints, or in the ever-popular herringbone layout.
Woodreal offers wood-look stoneware planks in 5 warm shades: Bianco, Beige, Caramello, Tortora and Marrone.

Wood-effect stoneware bedroom parquet with small plank tiles
A wood-look porcelain stoneware parquet can be even more versatile if the tiles are of smaller size, midway between a block and a plank. You can use this size for the floors of even small bedrooms, or try out more unusual installation patterns, such a diagonal installation or herringbone, on your bedroom floor.
The Ragno Woodglam wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection, for example, offers you rectangular tiles of 10×70 cm inspired by oak and with shade variation – meaning with differences in tone between planks – in the Naturale, Tortora, Noce and Grigio colours.

Wood-effect stoneware bedroom flooring with shade variation
The 10×70 cm planks of the Woodcraft wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection have an even higher degree of shade variation, which creates very distinctive effects in the finished bedroom floor.
Woodcraft's unusual colouring effects give a great deal of personality to bedroom parquet and are very noticeable both in the 2 warm colours – Beige and Marrone – and in the 3 more contemporary colours: Bianco, Grigio and Antracite.