A new building for golf and nature lovers on the Costa Brava.

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Modern surfaces combine indoor and outdoor in a luxurious villa in the heart of a prestigious golf club.

A newly built villa situated in a golf resort on the Costa Brava, complete with a swimming pool: this alone gives an idea of the level of prestige offered by this house designed by the developer to accommodate golf and nature lovers.

The Jané & Font architectural firm conceived the entire building as a minimal, modern volume with an interior that projects outwards thanks to the porch that further extends the floor plan.
A continuous interplay between outdoor and indoor in which the golf course is never out of sight, not even from the living area surrounded by large modern windows that flood the entire house with light.

It is not only the windows that have created this continuum with the nature surrounding the villa: among the design and architectural tricks used by the Jané & Font firm, we can immediately note the use of dry stone to clad the exterior of the ground floor – and some strategic walls in the living area – designed to project the earthy shades and colors inside the house. The decision to use the same floor covering for the interior and porch area also played a key role in ensuring continuity between the interior and exterior: here, too, a custom stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection by Ragno Ceramiche in size 120×120 cm, was chosen to evoke the natural hues in the greige tones of stone.

This distinctive collection is inspired by English limestone and is the ideal choice for both interior and exterior cladding thanks to its technical characteristics: its anti-slip properties and its special resistance to deep abrasion make it a practical, functional and safe choice, yet also very aesthetically appealing.

Its almost organic porous surface makes it resemble a ‘living’ stone, and the three available finishes are the closest to its natural hues. The lightest of the three – the Almond finish – was chosen for this project, which contributes to increasing the brightness and visual breadth of the villa’s interior.

Another pleasant natural ‘incursion’ conceived during the design phase is the large and majestic tree that extends from the patio to the terrace on the first floor: its foliage and trunk are ‘embraced’ by the architecture thanks to a specially created hole in the floor slab, making it an integral part of the house.

Ph Jordi Miralles