An attractive dialogue between indoors and outdoors in a recently renovated home at Begur, on the Costa Brava

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The indoor-outdoor continuity of a villa immersed in natural Mediterranean greenery is ensured by large windows and flooring in concrete-effect porcelain stoneware from the Boom series, a sustainable collection manufactured with a high recycled material content.

To the south of Baix Empordà, on coast near Girona, the mountains plunge into the Mediterranean, forming little rocky inlets and coves.

One of these, the Sa Tuna cove (Begur), is the location of a home recently renovated in minimalist style, surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery.

The renovation project, led by the Jané & Font firm, set out to rationalise the existing spaces to create a more logical layout and generate open-plan rooms with sweeping views of the sea.

In fact, the facade consists almost entirely of large windows, so the living area enjoys a beautiful panorama of the Medes Islands and the vast garden with many native plants, also designed with the greatest care to merge into the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. The furnishings and fittings – in minimalist, contemporary taste – were also chosen to highlight the Mediterranean colors of the outdoors, with a preference for the warm, natural shades of various kinds of wood, combined with neutral tones.

The project’s creative focus is therefore this continuous indoor-outdoor dialogue, further accentuated by the floor covering and paving: both the interiors and the outdoor veranda – complete with dining area and barbecue – were finished with the Ragno Boom concrete-effect stoneware collection in Sabbia color. This delicate shade references the luminous hues of the rocks that frame the villa at its base, establishing a direct link to its natural surroundings.

The collection’s concrete-like minimalist, tactile beauty generates an attractive visual continuity which seems to extend the dimensions of the various spaces, an impression reinforced by the large square 75×75 cm size adopted.

The collection is also intrinsically sustainable, since it its manufactured with 40% recycled material.