Authentic, rich patterning details with the new 3D Ink technology

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An exclusive tactile appeal enhanced by the 3D Ink technology, the latest digital development applied to porcelain stoneware.

3D Ink is the new technology conceived and developed in the Ragno Ceramiche laboratories to give surfaces an unprecedented tactile realism by means of a flexible, high-definition production process. This state-of-the-art system, which combines optical recognition and high-precision printing, ensures the perfect matching of 3D structures and patterns, giving porcelain stoneware an unusual depth and tactile beauty.

The exclusive matching of substance, color and three-dimensional texture is highly customisable and enables the visual appearance and tactile surface of every ceramic sample to be differentiated, with virtually infinite variety. There are countless combinations of the parameters in play, so each piece has unique graphic patterning details and variations in shine and shade, for surfaces with a naturalness never achieved before.

All the beauty and texture obtained with the 3D Ink technology are combined with the excellent technical properties and unbeatable strength of porcelain stoneware. The great versatility of the modular sizes chosen for the Ragno Ceramiche collections opens the way to multiple architectural applications, with the utmost compositional freedom in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Today more than ever, with its ongoing research and development, new, patented technologies and highly sophisticated plants, the company is able to keep ahead of the requirements of the most demanding markets, guaranteeing flexibility and high quality standards. The use of recycled raw materials and leading-edge production processes, sustainable and safe for people, pets and the environment make Ragno Ceramiche one of the historic protagonists of the growth and success of the Italian ceramic tile industry all over the world.

3D Ink technology: 3D graphic patterning and structure for extremely realistic looks

With the 3D Ink technology, the extremely natural look of porcelain stoneware surfaces is amplified by a material effect of immense depth. Embracing the various effects in the range, the new Ragno porcelain stoneware collections highlight the distinctive visual and tactile qualities of woods, stones and concretes and transpose them into matching floor and wall coverings, ideal for personalising residential and commercial locations.

Inedito, Clayton and Richmond are the first three series produced with this technological innovation.

Timeworn surfaces, rich in tactile details and finishes marked by the passing years, characterise the original aesthetic of Inedito, the first wood-effect collection produced with the 3D Ink technology, where the perfect matching of graphic patterning and 3D structure provides nicely judged shade variation and an alternation of glossy and matt effects on every single piece.

The tactile beauty and ever-changing patterns of a luxurious, authentic concrete effect. Clayton is a distinctive, contemporary collection, where a color assortment of earthy hues defines a fresh stylistic approach that embraces the material effect, patterning and overall look of the ceramic surface, produced with the 3D Ink technology for a perfect combination of visual design and sensory texture.

Subtle variations in color generate delicate patterning for application to forms and structures that are different on each piece. Richmond offers an elegant, modern interpretation of an English stone with vein patterns of exquisite beauty, highlighted by the 3D Ink technology, which reveals microscopic fragments of minerals, plants and living creatures in an apparently compact texture, for ceramic wall and floor tile surfaces that both share the same elegant, sophisticated stone effect.