Boheme’s sophisticated patterning features strong veining

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Interiors are filled with the warmth of a new minimalism thanks to a wood-effect collection with tactile patterning, rich in details which reinterpret the distinctive sophisticated aesthetic of typical oak boards.

Whatever the type of floor covering required, the genuine beauty of oak wood continues to be the most popular for residential and commercial locations, including both new builds and renovation projects. A surface that never goes out of fashion, with all the natural allure of one of the most ancient and versatile construction materials in the human repertoire.

An unprecedented tactile realism characterises the wood effect of the new Boheme collection, achieved through a flexible, high-definition production processes that accurately reproduces the inspiration timber.  

3D Ink is the name of the technology developed in the Ragno laboratories which gives the veining a distinctive three-dimensional consistency, thanks to the perfect synchrony between patterning and structure, for surfaces with unprecedented depth and tactile appeal.

The exclusive matching of substrate, color and three-dimensional texture generates alternating glossy and matt effects on every single piece, for an extremely realistic look.

Ecrù, Tortora, Marrone and Castagno are the four contemporary shades in the color assortment, offered in the new rectified 20×150 cm size with a natural surface with an expressive, elegant aesthetic. The slightly glossy glaze creates subtle reflections on the plank tiles which give interiors a “timeworn” air.

Available in the same 20×150 cm size, the tough, anti-slip Grip surface offers visual continuity between indoors and outdoors, to provide a natural “feel” in renovation or new-build projects in locations for a wide variety of uses.

Skirting and step tiles, matching the four plain tile shades, complete the offering from a company always responsive to its customers’ architectural design needs.

All the unique aesthetic and tactile features of the Boheme wood effects can be enhanced by tastefully combining stoneware collections in the same interior, for the creation of exclusive, individual locations through a mix of finishes and colors.

Realstone_Travertino, Stratford, Incanto, Amuri and Wish are just some of the Ragno series presented in pairings in the Boheme gallery, for original compositions in which everyone can express their own style.