The DP House, a dream villa on the Costa Brava cooled by the Mediterranean’s summer breezes

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A Mediterranean view to die for and the project for a private home with a constant dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A home with a view. A buen retiro not far from the town of Begur, in the hills of the Costa Brava, enjoying a breath-taking view over the Mediterranean vegetation and the sea, with the Medas Islands and Cap de Creus. The wind caresses every surface, the sun is directly overhead, and the fragrance of the sea can be smelt even in the hills. This is the landscape that surrounds the DP House, designed by Catalan firm Jané & Font. A modern, comfortable summer home that has undergone large-scale renovation and extensions.

The project reorganises a series of existing spaces, transforming their layout to create an open plan interior in direct relationship with the outdoors. The aim is extreme fluidity between indoor and outdoor space, with seamless communication between the courtyard and the interior rooms. The spaces are interconnected by a regular sequence of doorways, cones of shade where form and function combine; the colors chosen for the furnishings, walls and floors bestow a sense of calm and allow the surrounding outdoor context to dominate the scene.

A two-floor home with pool, large garden and a pavilion for the youngest guests. The patio is the main entrance to the home’s main rooms: the large living room, the kitchen and the dining room, the three master bedrooms and a home cinema. On the lower floor, two more bedrooms and a utility laundry.

For the coverings, the architects chose the stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles of the Realstone_Rain collection, Almond shade, in 60×60 cm size, in anti-slip version with structured surface for the outdoor areas (veranda with solarium and pool) and 120×120 cm size for the indoor floors. The large 120×120 size minimises the joints and creates uniform surfaces with a strong visual impact.

The 60×60 size in structured version has high-performance technical properties: it is an anti-slip, frostproof stoneware resistant to thermal shock, ideal for installation in both residential and commercial outdoor areas.

This collection helps to create a seamless space embracing indoors and outdoors, in the natural shades and matt effect of the English Limestone that inspires the collection's finish.
A tasteful, beautifully unified project, in which the collection’s delicate neutral shades harmonise attractively with the surroundings.