Effects achieved with light in a small restaurant in the heart of deepest Spain

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A burst of colours for a small contemporary bistro

We are in the suburbs of Seville, in Andalusia, an ancient region where two continents meet. Contrasting landscapes, primary colours and scents of spices merge in a small area of sun-baked land.

Sideral Bar is a small restaurant serving the best of finger food from the Seville tradition, with tapas prepared with care over every detail and cocktails with fusion flavours.


The interior design.

The XC Interior Lab firm produced the interior design of this former wine cellar, a single room with a white plaster arched roof, with the atmosphere of an Andalusian cueva, lit by the sunlight streaming in through the glass door.

The restaurant’s interior comprises a bar zone and lounge counter on one side, and small tables with a continuous bench for guests and retro furnishings on the other.

The colour scheme is one of tastefully balanced contrasts: yellow – matt in the fabrics used the backs of the bench and glossy in the pottery hanging lamps, taupe for the matt floor tiles, and glossy turquoise for the vertical surfaces, enhanced by the warm backlighting of the furnishing fixtures.


Choice of the Gleeze and Replace stoneware collections.

The welcoming mood is enhanced by the wall tiles from the Gleeze collection – winner at the 2021 Archiproducts Design Awards – and the floor tiles of the Replace collection, both in porcelain stoneware.

The architects selected Gleeze Turchese with Glossy finish in 7×20 cm version for the bar alcoves and Gleeze Egg structure, also in Turchese, in 10×10 cm size to highlight the surface of the main counter and of the dining area wall. The reflections generated on the glossy concave and convex Egg tiles of the bar counter multiply the interplays of light and emphasise the consistency of the walls.

The concrete effect stoneware of the Replace collection in 60×60 cm in Tortora colour strikes a tasteful balance with the strong lights and colours of the rest of the interior.

The technological impact of modernity and a revival of the visual and tactile aspect of a handmade product blend, combined with outstanding performances, for a commercial interior.