The Filinona B&B is an invitation to relax and unwind in the heart of this sophisticated corner of Sicily

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Near Noto old town, the porcelain stoneware of the Abitare collection forms the canvas of a B&B that embraces the values of Sicilian traditions while striving for modernity in the hospitality provided

In Sicilian dialect, the word Filinona indicates that time in the early afternoon when the oppressive summer heat forces us to stop and take a rest. The sun is blinding and a lazy silence slowly settles everywhere. We find ourselves in Noto, a Baroque gem in southern Sicily.
And precisely at Filinona, which is the name chosen by the owners of this exquisite B&B in the heart of Noto old town.

This is the splendid setting of a project by Florentine architect Salvatore Spataro: a B&B where tradition and modernity merge seamlessly to provide a warm and sophisticated welcome. In addition to the shared dining room for guest breakfasts, there are three guest rooms, each characterised by a traditional Sicilian object. Ceramic plates from Caltagirone, traditional wicker baskets, and ceramic reproductions of Sicilian playing cards are displayed on the walls with the care and precision of a museum exhibition, creating a different visual theme for each of the B&B’s guest rooms. The atmosphere is twentieth-century with hints of sophisticated contemporary design.

The porcelain stoneware tiles of the Abitare collection were chosen for all the horizontal coverings in the guest rooms and for the floors and wall coverings of the bathrooms: they are the fil rouge that provides visual continuity between each room and its en-suite bathroom.
Three different decorative ceramic carpets characterise the rooms, whose identities offer clear allusions to the Mediterranean influence. Pointed arches, plumes, foliage, interweaving and stylised branches: the matt effect 20×20 cm small size tile is arranged regularly to create a continuous pattern that characterises spaces and areas of use.

The ceramic carpet n. 7 in shades of grey was chosen for the ceramic plates room; for the Sicilian playing cards room, the saffron colour of carpet n. 4 was used to capture the light, while for the wicker baskets room, the floral pattern of carpet n. 5 in shades of dust and light blue frames the room with elegant poise.
The Abitare collection provides the backdrop and framework for a project that strives to respect local popular culture, combining it with contemporary atmospheres.

PH. Samuele Castiglione