Glossy marble effect porcelain stoneware. All the pros and cons of a product with an innate elegance.

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Glossy marble effect porcelain stoneware is a best-selling product in the hard ceramic tile range, because its use offers numerous benefits. But what are this material’s pros and cons?


Glossy marble effect tiles are a very versatile product due to this material’s excellent functional level and its technical characteristics that make it ductile and durable.

  • durability: compared to marble, its aesthetic inspiration material, a stoneware tile has excellent resistance to deep abrasion, which extends its lifetime and improves its performance in terms of ability to withstand scratches and impacts.
  • resistance to mould and bacteria: the material has outstanding hygiene properties, guaranteeing a sharp reduction in mould and bacteria formation.
  • water resistance: irrespective of their colour or size, tiles are waterproof and resistant to stains.
  • resistance to thermal shock and temperature variations.
  • affordability: compared to marble, the use of glossy marble effect tiles provides excellent overall price savings and is outstanding value for money, ensuring impressive reductions in the overall cost of the project.
  • availability: marble effect stoneware now reproduces most of the colours and types of marble currently on the market: from the classic Calacatta or Statuario white marble to pink marble or black Emperador, and from Carrara effect through to green Verde Alpi.
  • easy installation: another benefit of the use of tiles is that they can be installed straight on top of another floor, if renovation has to be completed to a tight schedule or the budget is limited. What’s more, stoneware tiles are much lighter and easier to handle than marble, in even the largest sizes.



The aesthetic associations of both glossy and matt marble can simultaneously evoke the aesthetic rules of the classical style and provide an impression of extreme modernity.

Apart from the material’s familiar use as a floor covering, large glossy effect marble tiles can also be used on walls, to render interiors more luminous and to beautify surfaces with a contemporary elegance.


With the Incanto, Mixed, Bistrot and Imperiale collections it is possible to explore a very wide variety of sizes – from the small mosaic effect up to the large 120 x 278 size – and colour assortments which reproduce the main commercially available marbles.



In spite of their many benefits and infinite application potentials, it is important to remember the points to be borne in mind when deciding to use glossy marble effect porcelain stoneware tiles in a project

  • joints: whatever size or colour of stoneware tiles you choose, always opt for models with rectified edges so joints are minimised and become almost invisible.
  • the type of furniture: since the images we associate with marble are those of classy, luxurious interiors, take care over your furniture and fittings, which must be in line with the prestige of the floor covering.
  • cleaning: glossy marble effect surfaces must be cleaned with suitable, non-aggressive products. In some cases, just warm water or steam can be used if there is no stubborn dirt.
  • thermal insulation and soundproofing: marble effect stoneware tiles do not have outstanding soundproofing and thermal insulation properties.