Hotel Mathis, the ideal refuge for lovers of vintage and design

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The Patina and Ottocento collections become tactile tools for telling a tale of travel

This is the story of a collector of classic motorbikes who, to complete and consolidate his passion for two-wheeled vehicles, also cultivates a healthy interest in cycling.

As luck will have it, this collector owns a hotel a few kilometres from Piacenza, in need of some loving care to provide it with a modern freshness still respectful of the past, and enable it to welcome, conserve and tell new stories.

At this point, the collector decides to refurbish his hotel on a very unusual principle: the rooms themselves will recount the entire imaginary of their surroundings, since they will reflect and express the strong, distinctive cultural and emotional identity of the whole district around them.

From inspiration, our collector moves on to put his design idea into practice with a number of tools, all carefully assessed by the watchful eye of Giulia Delpiano, an architect from, who assigns a specific role to every surface and feature.

The furnishings are bespoke, and in the public foyer and restaurant areas they accentuate the value of a genuine, very Italian pleasure in good food, wine and company, already present before the renovation. However, a more international, modern personality begins to emerge, proving the success of the project.

The porcelain stoneware floors are in the soft, translucent, iridescent Patina collection by Ragno, with the regular pattern created by the 60×60 cm size in the Cognac grey version. Patina is the supreme proof of the ability of stoneware tiles to evoke the beauty of time itself and the marks left by its incessant flow.

In the bathrooms, places of intimacy clearly distinct from the hotel's rooms themselves, the need was felt for something that, while different, would still harmonise with and complement the rest of the design scheme. The highly decorative Ottocento collection by Ragno seems tailor-made for creating interiors of character by rediscovering geometric motifs popular in the past. The shower alcove, in particular, is lined throughout with 20×20 cm tiles in a single texture but with different colours and patterns: Talco, Pomice, Basalto and Cobalto on the one hand and guilloche patterns, lines and geometrical forms on the other.

Explore the Hotel Mathis through the image gallery; it is a journey of fascination and inspiration.