Incanto, marble for an exclusive total look

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Porcelain stoneware versions of fifteen multicoloured marbles star in the new Incanto collection, with both Natural and Glossy finishes and a wide range of sizes for total design freedom

Incanto is the expression in marble effect stoneware of a project that reinterprets classic beauty with grace and elegance. The material looks, textures and colours of this new Ragno collection create marble effect porcelain stoneware that transposes the antique art of architecture into a simple yet elegant modern image.
The Incanto collection’s rectified slabs are available in a wide range of sizes, starting from the versatile 60×60 and 30×60 cm and extending upward to cover larger surfaces in patterns constructed even with floor-to-ceiling slabs of 120×278 cm, able to deliver impeccable continuity of appearance and decoration.

The square 75×75 and 120×120 cm sizes complete the rich offering in the catalogue, together with the 60×120 and 75×150 cm rectangles, perfect tools for boiserie panelling, with the opportunity for two-colour compositions using different shades and material effects in the upper and lower part of the wall.
All Incanto collection sizes are available in both Natural and Glossy finishes, for outstanding interior design solutions, thanks also to the geometric patterns of the collection’s exquisite mosaics, which underline the surfaces’ richness: the Classico Mosaic with tiny square chips, in both surfaces, and the Ventaglio Mosaic, only available in Glossy variant.

Two new decorations (Tropical and Flow) in the 120×278 size allow compositions of great expressive power.

Large Incanto slabs with at least one side of 120 cm have a slimline thickness of just 6 mm, enabling the covering, to match floors and walls, of fixed and movable furnishings, as well as functional features such as kitchen sinks and modules, for an ideal total look.
With Incanto, marble follows thirteen different semantic paths, which all share the same natural origin and inspiration but embrace colours that alternate a delicate, luminous, understated neutral character with a more striking personality, with strong colours, vein patterning and saturated hues.

Thus a Calacatta Nobile may combine in the design of an interior’s surfaces with a dense, richly fragmented Breccia Pernice, or a more compact Grafite, with subtle contrasting vein patterns. Or a rich, sumptuous Emperador reinforces the exclusive loveliness of a Statuario Venato floor or wall covering.

The collection is now enriched with two new essences, Velvet Taupe and Beige Alicante, whose bright and matt finishes make this series even more the protagonist of interior design.

For a touch of contemporary beauty, try combining Incanto slabs with resin, wood or concrete effect stones, or the creation of sophisticated, tailored coloured schemes on walls.