Maiora Paonazzetto, the new marble-effect stoneware with soft, elegant veining

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The Maiora collection, a showcase of innovative porcelain stoneware ideas for interior design, has been expanded with a new marble effect: Paonazzetto

When it comes to porcelain stoneware slabs, reduced thickness and extremely large dimensions are synonymous with a versatile aesthetic and potentially infinite applications in design and interior design.

For Ragno and its research on marble and concrete effects, these qualities have translated into Maiora, a collection that could be described as a showcase of continually increasing and developing ideas.

Maiora’s range of Marble Effects, which already covers highly varied aesthetic needs and styles, has been expanded with an intriguing new addition: Paonazzetto, the seventh variant available in the catalogue alongside Arabescato, Bianco Extra, Calacatta Oro, Emperador, Grafite and Statuario.

The exquisite Maiora Paonazzetto pattern, which features a delicate, elegant graphic design, is created by overlaying a mesh of soft charcoal-coloured veining on the white background of the timeless Bianco Carrara, which has always been synonymous with the purity and perfection of marble.

Maiora Paonazzetto is available in the new 6 mm-thick 120×278 cm size, extending the possible applications of porcelain stoneware for wall and floor coverings, while offering the perfect support for the creation of customised geometric and decorative designs composed through the subtle art of combining multiple and submultiple modules

The fact that the slabs – which can be cut and shaped to measure or drilled – are easy to process makes it possible to cover the surface of fixed and mobile furniture with a marble effect, without compromising the strength and technological performance of the material in any way, but enhancing its value and convenience.

The Maiora collection, with its marble and concrete effects, thus becomes the perfect tool to create a total look with interesting and unusual material references drawn from a constantly evolving catalogue.