A modern lounge with stoneware tiles

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From maxi-size tiles to planks, a range of ideas for the walls and floors of your lounge

Interior design is showing renewed interest in the "sitting-room", with a large number of sometimes conflicting ideas put forward by architects, producers and magazines regarding trendy styles, materials and colours for the modern lounge.

In this article, we summarise our ideas of the modern lounge, starting from the point of view of the surfaces which define a room's space and provide the "container" for its furnishings and fittings – in other words, the walls and floors – and the covering materials applied to them.


Maxi-size concrete-effect lounge wall covering
We are used to covering the walls of some rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen, with ceramic tiles. However, during the last few years the interior design trend has been to tile the walls of rooms – such as a bedroom, or the lounge – where various other finishing materials may be more familiar: paint, wallpaper, natural wood or stone, or bare bricks or plaster.

So why use ceramic tiles as a lounge wall covering? The appearance of tiles is amazingly realistic when they reproduce the look of other materials, such as bare concrete. One example is the Ragno Maiora Concrete Effect collection in concrete-look slimline porcelain stoneware: magnificent continuous, rectified surfaces of 120×120, 120×240 and the new 120×278 cm in a range of simple, precise colours comprising 3 neutral shades (Bianco, Grigio Chiaro and Grigio Scuro).

Maiora Concrete Effect is the right idea for lounge tiles if you want to give your living area a sophisticated yet contemporary touch.

Lounge wall covering with 3D and wallpaper-style tiles
Tiles' realism may be the key factor in their appearance, but their decorative impact is no less attractive.

This also applies to porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles which offer relief surfaces. In this case, the lounge wall coverings become a kind of sculpture, to be enjoyed with the eyes and by touch. If you like this lounge decoration idea, the Ragno catalogue offers you the Tempera ceramic tile collection, with its three-dimensional striped and diamond patterns, in a wide range of tasteful colours: Bianco, Crema, Fango, Antracite, Blu and Verde.

Amongst its lounge ceramic tile ideas, Tempera includes stripes, together with a cement tile look, also in the form of decorated tiles which give the impression of a wallpaper.

You can also include 3D or wallpaper-like tiles at different heights in walls of smooth tiles in the collection, for a boiserie effect running all the way around the lounge.

Modern lounge wall covering with marble-effect tiles
Porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles also create a stunning visual effect when they offer a perfect imitation of exquisite natural materials such as marble.

One fine example is the Ragno Bistrot marble-effect porcelain stoneware collection. For both the floor and wall coverings of your modern lounge, Bistrot offers tiles of different sizes – from the large 75×150 to the smaller 30×60 cm –, inspired by no fewer than thirteen types of marble from the Italian tradition, with glossy and satiny surfaces. For your lounge, you can combine shades of white, also in relief, for the walls, and dark grey, or choose the warmer shade of beige, either as a single floor covering or combined with a wood-effect stoneware to demarcate the entrance to another room. With porcelain stoneware you can also give your lounge great personality: thanks to its strongly contrasting patterning, with random broad streaks running across its surface, the new Bistrot Paonazzetto is perfect for covering contemporary rooms, both in minimal style and with classical overtones.

Modern lounge covering with wood-effect tiles
In line with the trends that give a leading role to wood and its colours, for your lounge floor you can opt for wood-effect tiles, such as those in the Ragno Woodsense collection.

As modern lounge tiles, Woodsense offers large rectified planks of 25 or 19×150 cm and 20×120 cm inspired by beams and boards of rustic and salvaged oak. The surfaces, with strongly varying yet harmonically blended colours, are available in a beautiful range of shades, including not only the more neutral ivory and beige but also stronger hues such as brown and grey.