Modernity and innovation at the Apfelhotel in South Tyrol: Ragno’s collaboration to renew a project that won the 2020 AHEAD Europe award

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A project by the noa* firm in which outdoor and indoor spaces dialogue with each other for a unique wellness experience.

We are taking a trip to Val Passiria, in South Tyrol-Südtirol. Located near Saltusio, the historic Apfelhotel is a complex divided into wellness spaces, featuring a km-zero restaurant, a spa and a hotel that resembles an albergo diffuso, or multi-building hotel, surrounded by vegetable gardens, apple orchards and the majestic South Tyrolean Alps.

The Apfelhotel – literally ‘Apple Hotel’ – is run by a family that is now in its third generation. This family knows how to acknowledge and embrace its past in order to renew it through a project aimed at future continuity. This is the basis of the hotel’s innovative extension project, which was recently completed in May 2020.

The noa* firm in Bolzano was commissioned to transform this historic hotel and the renovation of the building earned the project the 2020 AHEAD Europe award, winning first place in the “Guestrooms” and “Spa & Wellness” categories and second place in the “Hotel of the Year” category.

The Stoneway Barge Antica stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection was chosen for the coverings of the restaurant and wellness area, while the Outdoor finish was selected to cover all the outdoor areas, including the swimming pool.

Of the collection’s three colour options – Beige, Bianco and Grigio – Beige was chosen, a colour that offers colour shades with an extremely natural effect. The 30×60 and 60×60 cm sizes are mixed to obtain a dynamic, but elegant floor effect, thanks to the shades reminiscent of earth colours. Skilful use of cladding materials contributes to the interconnection between the interior and exterior.

The whole project is designed for an immersive stay in nature and the architectural structure is an integral part of the landscape with which it dialogues.

Soft shades, materials with a raw, but sophisticated look and underground elements combined with structures inspired by history; everything is reinterpreted with a contemporary twist to guarantee customers a unique well-being and relaxation experience.

Ph Alex Filz