Ragno Annual 2021: discover the new catalogue

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The new Annual 2021 general catalogue contains all the Ragno ceramic and porcelain stoneware collections ideal for freely designing residential and commercial interiors and exteriors.

Annual 2021 introduces a brand story with richer content and new ways of interpreting the product in order to encourage simple and immediate use, collection after collection, of all the useful information for designing with Ragno: images, dimensions, surfaces, technical characteristics, certifications, available trims and packaging.

CleanOut Antibacterial Protection, Ragno’s antimicrobial technology for floor and wall coverings, which inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, reducing the bacterial load by up to 99.9%, opens the new Annual catalogue with the Eterna and Roots collections made with an irreversible treatment that makes it possible to design safe, intrinsically healthier, fresher and cleaner spaces, both indoors and out.

Another new feature in the catalogue is the section dedicated to Storie, a series of small-size collections with a hand-crafted aesthetic, a tribute to the history of ceramic and decoration, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist and produced with the most modern production technologies. Gleeze is the latest addition to this family, hyper-glossy ceramic featuring small imperfections, shade gradations and three modular sizes to create infinite wall compositions.

The catalogue continues with the chapters on material effects, the section devoted to coverings and the Ragno Smart collections.

Click here to download the Ragno Annual 2021 and explore all the new ceramic and stoneware collections.